Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dirks: " I didn't privatize the university, I think the Governor has been doing that for some time."

You can see that quote from Chancellor Dirks,here:

1:14:45 - 1:15:30 timemark also comments on how some things "glossed as privatization"
More on that event here:

-since it's the President of the UC Regents and Cal alum's b-day 'n all - wonderin' when we'll hear him again on all things UC?
Napolitano: UC Berkeley must lead change in sex harassment culture

"The University of California should be leading by example, not mistake,” she added.

"She criticized the campus for taking too long to investigate allegations of harassment and for its inconsistencies in how it disciplines those found in violation of the campus policies. She also questioned the quality of investigations."
- and she comments on state audit of non resident enrollment, briefly.
The Hufnagel matter with update on Thurs and his upcoming statement on Fri, see:


Auditor: UC referrals show out-of-state students displace residents
While nonresident enrollment exploded, number of Californians at most popular UC campuses "dropped

State auditor says thousands of qualified applicants turned away from campus of choice shows capacity issue

UC argues it is making best of bad financial situation by guaranteeing eligible students spot somewhere in system"


Disturbing details of sexual harassment scandal at UC Berkeley revealed in files
Documents offer redacted versions of investigation reports and disciplinary actions for cases involving staff that substantiated allegations of misconduct


UC Berkeley dean’s accuser dismayed by new harassment revelations


Former chancellors of research universities warn their future is in peril

this from Birgeneau:
"The perception that public universities spend at will on administrators and new facilities doesn’t help, Birgeneau said, adding “one of the things that we suffer from in higher education is not doing our communication as well as we need to.”"

-Is this accurate?

"Birgeneau said that while he was chancellor at Berkeley from 2004 to 2013, the economic downturn forced the university to make significant changes. “We reduced Cal from 11 to seven layers of management and eliminated a lot of middle-level administration positions,” he said. “There were no choices. We had to become more efficient.”"

and there's:
"Additional ideas for business support of higher education in the report included offering universities compensation similar to the finder fees that employers offer to job recruiters, and urging businesses and philanthropists to develop endowments to which other wealthy institutions could donate. The proceeds could be distributed to state higher education agencies or to universities directly.
But while these ideas are transformative, implementing them is a tall order.
“I talked to the head of one major corporation about this in some detail,” said Birgeneau. “He said he would love to do this, but if in his next quarterly report he reported to stockholders that one percent of their profits went to support universities, he said he’d be looking for a job.”"

IHE on it too:

You can get the report here:
Direct link:

and Coleman peddling it in Michigan

And this too,

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