Tuesday, April 19, 2016

" jarring statistic about what happens to complaints made against faculty across the statewide system: Only one in four cases was formally investigated between 2012 and 2015, and only one-third of those were substantiated."

See: "UC Sex Harassment: Few Faculty Complaints Lead to Investigations"

"It's upsetting -- I can only imagine the people who were involved in those cases that ended up nowhere."

"The report was unclear about what happened to the 76 percent of the complaints that were not investigated, such as whether they were dismissed as "unsubstantiated" or resolved without a full investigation.

Still, critics say, the fraction of cases formally investigated throughout the UC system spoke volumes about the secrecy of UC's investigation and discipline of faculty and how too often professors are given a pass from serious punishment.

"Personally, I'm not shocked by how few cases they actually investigated -- given that UC has proven time and again that it cares more about its faculty members' careers and its public image than survivors' and potential survivors' safety and well-being," Cory Hernandez, a member of UC Berkeley's Graduate Assembly who coordinates policy on sexual violence and harassment, said in an email."

"The record-keeping on such matters is so erratic that even the joint committee itself -- commissioned by Napolitano and led by a senior vice president and the head of the Academic Senate -- reported having trouble gathering the information.

In fact, the committee received data for only eight of UC's 10 campuses; asked which ones didn't report, Academic Senate Chairman Dan Hare declined to say. He also would not comment on the 1-in-4 statistic, saying the committee only requested the data to learn how many cases should have been sent to the academic administration to launch a separate disciplinary process, the second step in cases involving faculty accused of harassment.""


-- BTW...that 'senior vice president' also happens to be OP and the UC Regents Chief Compliance and Audit Officer (remember Regent M asked for clear delineation on the reporting line in an open session of the UC Regents compliance and audit committee meeting last year) -- the position is not just another exec OP VP, yet the numbers etc on these cases are not available, at fingertips to the Chief Compliance and Audit of UC Systemwide??! So, one has to wonder what is really going on here?

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