Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Katehi Fatigue Sets In, more

Sentiment seems..Tired of her, she makes UC Davis coverage dreary, less cheerful.. Folks just seem to be tired of all her baggage from each year of her at UCD. Her excuses of misrepresentations by one group, then another. Her complaints of ridiculous statements by PR firms she hired, in statements they made to her as she hired them.. etc.

"Republican joins seven legislators calling for Katehi’s resignation"


Katehi apologizes, vows to be more transparent

"In a written statement issued Tuesday, Assemblyman Bill Dodd, D-Napa, called for Katehi to “reflect on whether she is able to restore confidence
UC Davis is a tremendous asset to our region and state,” Dodd wrote, “providing world-class research and educational opportunities.

“Like so many, I am troubled by these recent controversies and frustrated that they’ve taken focus away from the university’s mission and its many accomplishments. We have seen inadequate judgment and flawed policies that need to be addressed by the UC system.

“The chancellor needs to reflect on whether she is able to restore the confidence and focus needed to credibly lead the university into the future. The chancellor has issued a statement pledging to take steps toward that end,” Dodd continued.

“President Napolitano, the UC Board of Regents and the campus community need to evaluate whether those steps prove adequate and effective.”"


Rumors of nepotistic hiring, preferential treatment refuted


Commentary: Is UC Davis Really Getting Its Money’s Worth on Communications?
includes an important section that starts off:
"UC Davis claims, “The external vendors referenced in The Sacramento Bee article on April 14 were brought in primarily to improve our capacity and expertise in digital communications. We recognize that it is not even possible to remove content from the Internet, and that was not our intention.”

The problem is that doesn’t fit the facts.

The Bee released some of those documents showing that, in January 2013, UC Davis signed a contract with Nevins & Associates for six months that paid $15,000 a month.

One document reads, “Nevins & Associates is prepared to create and execute an online branding campaign designed to clean up the negative attention the University of California, Davis, and Chancellor Katehi have received related to the events that transpired in November 2011.”

Among other things"...

UC Davis' pepper-spray PR appears to backfire badly


UC Davis chancellor should resign over botched web scrub


Thumbs down: UC Davis’ attempted whitewash
UC Davis needs a Common Sense Person
No forums scheduled yet, but:
UC Davis chancellor to answer questions in public forums


Analysis: Could Davis Also Get “Eaten” by UC Davis?

"The result, as we have been exploring, is pressure on the city for growth to provide rental housing, with students pack into to formerly single-family homes, often in large numbers – creating noise and nuisance issues, while displacing young families.

On Monday, a piece in Next City brilliantly captured a similar problem in San Marcos, Texas, home of the rapidly growing Texas State University. The article entitled, “The College That Ate a City,” captures a phenomenon that is very similar to the one we face, and yet very different. “Fast-growing San Marcos, Texas, faces an ever-expanding anchor institution and a student-focused real estate industry that’s pricing families out of housing.”


Christopher Newfield: How Private-Sector Models Damage Public Universities, and How they Can Recover

Some opening comments include discussion of shared governance at UC Davis in it.

Or you can see another version of it with a very good Q&A session: here

On UCSD a curious set of events:

UCSD was in as much of a hurry to get rid of Steve Gamer as it had been to hire him

But last month, UCSD was suddenly in as much of a hurry to get rid of Gamer as it had been to hire him. “This urgent request is in response to a need to execute the agreement in exchange for Mr. Gamer’s resignation effective March 1, 2016,” says a March 24 report to the regents from UC president Janet Napolitano. “The President of the University requests approval of a $135,072 separation payment ($177,031 severance minus $41,959 relocation repayment) in connection with the separation agreement. Under the terms of the proposed agreement, the payment would be made within 30 days of his resignation date of March 1, 2016.” The document goes on to reveal that “due to family obligations Mr. Gamer never relocated from Los Angeles to San Diego.” But he still accepted a $85,938 relocation allowance “to help cover the additional living expenses associated with having an apartment near the campus.” The report provides few details regarding Gamer’s abrupt departure, saying only, “the San Diego campus is in the final stages of planning the campus’ first major fundraising campaign in nearly ten years. Because of a change in strategy for the campaign, it is now agreed that it is in everyone’s interest that Mr. Gamer resign from his position.” It adds that “the campus placed Mr. Gamer on paid leave beginning January 13, 2016.” And Gamer didn’t leave without an additional cost, in the form of a $135,072 severance payment. “A separation payment is being requested due to Mr. Gamer’s 13-year tenure at University of California during which time he made numerous contributions at UCLA and UC San Diego,” says the document. “The Office of the General Counsel has been consulted on this action and concurs.”"

--What Happened?

Daily Cal told us
"the administrative proposals will be headed by"

And now,

Campus community expresses concern about new enrollment process

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