Friday, April 15, 2016

Katehi's Negative Press Is UC System Negative Press

See The Atlantic

How UC Davis Tried to Scrub Its Abuse of Students From the Web
The university spent at least $175,000 dollars to remove "references to the pepper spray incident in search results on Google for the university and the Chancellor."

"More state legislators are now calling on her to resign. And I hope the Sacramento Bee is looking into whether the office of Janet Napolitano, the head of the UC System, knew about this expenditure, or has ever paid for Google-scrubbing in other matters.

Stay tuned."

And more and more outlets revisiting it, here are just a few more::

With some Faculty comment:
"...Julia Simon, a UCD French professor who is active in the Academic Senate and chaired the senate committee that investigated the pepper-spray incident, said “a lot of resources and energy were going to controlling the message.”

Later, as a member of an ad hoc administrative oversight committee “specifically tasked with making sure the recommendations (from the earlier committee) were followed,” Simon said, the committee had “a lot of discussions around strategic communications,” the office formerly known as the UC Davis News Service.

“I distinctly remember a meeting where I said ‘strategic communication is an oxymoron,’ ” Simon told The Enterprise on Thursday. “Ever since the pepper-spray (incident), there has been a tremendous investment in the reputation” of the university.

When Katehi became chancellor in 2009, the university’s budget for strategic communications was $2.93 million, per year; in 2015 it had soared to $5.47 million."


Then there's BBC

"The campaign was also designed to eliminate negative search results about Ms Katehi.
Documents suggested this could be achieved with a "flood of content with positive sentiment and off-topic subject matter","

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