Wednesday, April 6, 2016

More IX Cases At Cal, and Dirks is calling on an ol' guard to try to "break with past" practices, which is an oxymoron and...

Ol' guard as a term related not to age - related to his beloved privatized Ivy ilk, and friends of Birgeneau..

UC Berkeley: 19 employees violated sexual harassment policy since 2011

"A trove of investigative and disciplinary documents released by UC Berkeley in the midst of an unfolding sexual harassment scandal reveals 19 employees -- including six faculty members -- were found to be in violation of the university's sexual misconduct policies since 2011.

The records -- obtained Tuesday by this newspaper in response to a Public Records Act request filed in November -- bring to light 11 new cases that had not been disclosed during the recent high-profile revelations that" ...

SF Gate  also now has coverage on it and gets into the details of multiple cases here:7 accused of harassment left UC Berkeley; cases newly revealed

The Cal PR on it:
Chancellor announces new committee on sexual violence, harassment and assault

"The following distinguished external advisers have agreed to assist with campus efforts to address sexual violence, harassment and assault":

Mary Sue Coleman, past president of University of Michigan
But it just reminds... well, see : University Diaries, and Coleman's connection to Birgeneau on that Lincoln Project thing, BTW they have a final paper on that later this week... -and one should remember some of the current batch of high profile IX cases and messes started during Birgeneau's years as Chancellor, so...

Ruth Simmons, past president of Brown University
OMG see: once again more bad UD flashbacks...

Robert Post, dean of the Yale School of Law
And Yale: has its own very serious IX, VII problems to deal with...they need a few years of showing they've dealt with their own issues before stepping in to advise Cal , IMO.
- that's just one link, couldah listed more...

In the video and text here Dirks talked about "change our culture as well as our behavior" and "break with past" practices

--This, these latest appointments, moves- are not reassuring.
And should we ask? Is this advising going to include pay for any/all of them?


Also: "UC Berkeley announces new plans to prevent sexual assault, harassment"

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