Monday, April 18, 2016

Napolitano reconvenes IX panel, and Some UC Regents Committee Meetings Today

Napolitano tells UC panel on sex harassment to try again

UC president calls for stronger steps in faculty sexual harassment cases

Daily Cal UC President Janet Napolitano announces changes to university sex misconduct handling

You can view:
UC president's letter is available: here

Joint Committee's April 4 report is available here

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See SJ Merc :UC sex harassment: Napolitano reconvenes panel, says more reforms needed

"Given the seriousness of these cases and the shortcomings that have been identified with existing processes and policies, however, this work is crucial," she wrote."


"The secretive nature of the process has been a common cause for concern. Indeed, even the joint committee had trouble gathering information about cases involving faculty on its campuses, saying it was only able to gather "partial information" from eight of the 10 campuses.

"Academic Personnel offices have not historically been expected to maintain central records of disciplinary and corrective actions, which are protected by State law and other University policy governing the right to privacy and confidentiality; thus, the Joint Committee was not able to obtain information regarding the details of cases or precise data in response to the Joint Committee's inquiry," they wrote in the report.

The committee learned of 141 sexual misconduct allegations made against faculty at eight campuses between 2012 and 2015; of those, just 34 were investigated by Title IX offices and 11 were substantiated. The other 107 were either unsubstantiated or resolved in an early resolution process without a formal investigation.""


CS Monitor on it

UC Regents Governance And Heath Devices are meeting TODAY

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