Monday, April 4, 2016

New Admissions PR from OP as damage control - But to which UC campuses?

UCOP puts out this : "University of California admits significantly more California freshman students, makes gains in diversity"

With hopes of generating something like this next headline:

"UC offers admission to 15% more students, particularly Latinos and African Americans"

In advance of the discussion later in the week on UC admissions practices and other state audit findings

A question that needs to be answered on this increase in CA admissions offers:

Can UC list the campuses specifically were these CA applicants were offered admission? But UC still isn't sayin', hhhhmmmmmmm
This morning's UC session in Sacramento on conflicts and abuse in the outside employment/ of commitment including Katehi's statements,,ugh

Lots of experts on panel presentation, UCSA pres., and students in public comments, and handled so much better than UC Regents public comment process btw

can be viewed at this link:

Agenda also here
Also these stories :
UC admissions audit is a win for California students

UC San Diego Saw Sharpest Increase In Out-Of-State Students

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