Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Interim EVCP at Cal Announced, Steele Speaks

Announced here

Carol Christ named interim executive vice chancellor and provost



Steele makes some comments in that Guardian article mentioned in the previous post:


"In a lengthy phone interview on Monday, a week after his resignation made national headlines, Steele said he felt he could no longer stand by his punishment decision and the university’s treatment of Sorrell.

“I would not defend those sanctions. At the time, we thought they were adequate. They were carefully done,” he said. “We did a great deal of work coming up with that. I’m not confident that they really rendered justice or a sense of fairness … I do have regrets about the impact on her.”

Steele admitted that Sorrell was initially forced to use sick days – a decision that he said was made months before he learned about the case.

“I want to convey a great deal of sympathy to Ms Sorrell about this. I think we could’ve done a much better job,” Steele said.

He argued, however, that the 10% pay cut sanction was not motivated by concerns about Choudhry’s reputation and refuted that he implied that to Sorrell in their meeting. “In no way was I trying to protect his career over the safety of Ms Sorrell.”

Steele further claimed that he did not resign because of the harassment controversy – he cited his wife’s health in his official statement – though he admitted that the scandals had been a challenge for the administration.

He was also adamant about rejecting another charge that plagued his office in the final month before his resignation. In March, it was revealed that Steele had received a nomination to the Berkeley law faculty from Choudhry at the same time that the sexual harassment investigation was under way – a conflict of interest that Winer, Sorrell’s attorney, described as the worst he has ever observed in his career.

“These were genuinely independent processes that had nothing to do with each other,” Steele said.""

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