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Strange Updates: Not the hallmark of UCD Leadership...

Update IV Katehi's is now placed on investigatory leave, Napolitano announced on Wed night, see new post for more links

Update III

The piece in The Atlantic down toward the end of this post alludes to a brewing secret crisis, now Sac Bee has an editorial on records being withheld from the public, see:

Katehi, UC should produce records, end the intrigue

After vow of transparency, UC Davis chancellor cancels appearances and goes radio silent

Amid delays in handing over emails and records, rumors that Napolitano has asked for her resignation

If records contradict her story, Katehi should begin a smooth transition for sake of university

Read more here:

BTW CHE seems to be forming the habit of keeping comments closed on Negative UC stories when they are forced to report them. Also it appears CHE can't distinguish between Academic Senate Chair of the Davis Division and Academic Senate Chair of UC Systemwide-- one of these things is not like the other, exactly.
Embattled UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future in Question After Recent Controversies

Update II
UCOP has not denied that there is a presidential request for her resignation and it seems Katehi's is trying to build a line with some Senate members... To battle OP? This is turning into a hot mess for all of them. See:


Now Incommunicado -more Katehi drama
KCRA Fate of UCD Chancellor Linda Katehi is unclear
Is UC Davis chancellor’s future in doubt?

Katehi has been heavily using a line about her bio - born poor, woman in engineering - in her latest PR campaign on her image (see previous videos of her talks with newspaper editorial boards etc.)
Does it really help her or UCD to align with all of the subjects in the compensation scandals of the 2000's? Briefly and incompletely mentioned in this:

UC Davis Letter to UC President Napolitano: Curb Gender Bias by Publishing Policies

-Where was that same Academic Senate leadership when the details of the UC Davis Amy Block Joy whistleblower, and retaliation case and other cases connected to it were coming out and multiple Title IX and other equity issues were raised and never addressed in it? There were even books written about the various scandalous scenarios for those who have difficulty keeping up with the detail.

- Why didn't they also reference some of the other compensation scandals involving UCD in those same years?

-Also it should be remembered that Katehi is not the sole current female chancellor in the UC system (and yes there is a case for fighting for more female chancellors at UC now) but remember also, perhaps a painful comparison, there is a current (UCM's Chancellor Leland) who has managed difficult circumstances on campus,etc. without the serious lapses in judgment headlines, so isn't that an example of what should be sought, replicated? - rather than a Chancellor who seems, since her arrival, a constant drain of time, resources to repair various relations, image, etc - with time and effort on that even spent by senior level officials at UCOP?
Sac Bee:
"Chancellor Linda Katehi scrapped an interview planned for Wednesday and has canceled a public forum on campus

UC President Janet Napolitano’s spokeswoman says Katehi is still chancellor, but won’t answer whether she has been asked to quit

Students plan another demonstration against Katehi on campus Wednesday"

Read more here:

And, Davis Enterprise: Rumors Swirl Katehi's Is Being Told To Resign


There's this,, includes this strange section:

"Though she has declined comment throughout the string of recent scandals facing her, Katehi plans to speak directly to students Wednesday with 'Katehi's Closet.'

Through what's being billed as an interactive display and discussion, the chancellor is promising to air her 'dirty laundry' in front of students and make them privy to see the 'skeletons' in her closet."

The UC Davis student newspaper has this as its headline:

The Aggie: "UC Davis representatives unsure on status, whereabouts of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi"

“A report has reached us that President Napolitano has requested the resignation of UCD Chancellor Katehi,” wrote UC Davis professors Margaret Ferguson and David Simpson in the letter to Wolk. “We urge you to do everything in your power to stop it and to set [it to go to] a system-wide review.”

In light of that...
This other story begs the question:
Does the Bee 'get it' that the political favors are already in play? Or, does the Bee 'get it' that everyone else already 'gets it'?
They write:
"But the constitution made the UC politically independent precisely to shield the public university from such wheeling and dealing. The regents’ terms are, by design, longer than those of the governors who appoint them so that politicians can’t manipulate things like admissions and hiring and academic freedom."

Read more here:

- so could we get an Editorial Board Op Ed on that SCA 1 Leg based in ...reality?

Then there is this passage in today's The Atlantic:
She didn’t use her existing communications staff for whatever it is that the consultants do because “no one on UC Davis’ communications staff has crisis-management experience.” Though the students have now left her office area, “the firm is still in the university’s employment working on another crisis that the chancellor said she could not reveal.” Nothing about these statements is reassuring!""

"But I’m confident that both sides really do feel “unsafe” and “bullied,” whatever those words have come to mean in their campus subculture. To me, that underscores why subjective feelings about such things just can’t determine winners and losers in campus politics.

Now that the Davis occupation is over—as Katehi confers with her crisis communication consultants as they work on their secret project—anti-Katehi activists are plotting their next steps. I hope the offending activists will reconsider their ugly, prejudicial treatment of black and brown people who are allied with the embattled chancellor, and refocus on the fact that a powerful substantive case for Katehi’s ouster can be made without any need to be personally hostile, snide, or sanctimonious to any classmates, professors, UC Davis staff, or even Katehi herself."

(bold emphasis added)

If Katehi cares about UC Davis she should take a step to get UC Davis relief from this never ending set of negative headlines attached to her - but it seems sadly evident that that can only be achieved by...

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