Friday, April 29, 2016

Some of the Narratives Around the UC Investigation of Katehi ,etc...

Is it just 'a stumble'?

"UC Davis chancellor's troubles raise a question: How could such a brilliant woman stumble so badly?"

"Asked if she remained pro-Katehi, Bisson said she would withhold judgment until the investigation was completed.

"I'm pro-facts. I'm pro-transparency," she said. "Then we go forward""


"Letter details reasons for UC Davis Chancellor’s placement on administrative leave"

"Documents suggest contradiction of former UC Davis Chancellor’s claims"

This headline technically a bit premature

"She's gone: UC-Davis chancellor Katehi, under investigation, removed from position"


This is a strange piece on the faculty,
- few Academic titles in use and lots of Ms. , Mr.
--And a reference to a vote of confidence that seems to not quite hold up upon closer look:

"In Fight Over UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future, Where Does the Faculty Stand?"

"Even when campus outrage was rampant after the pepper-spray incident, the Academic Senate rejected a no-confidence resolution in 2012, with 69 percent of faculty members voting against it."

--But if we remember that vote - and it's difficult cuz that Boston Herald story reference in this other archive post is now 'unavailable' - but it seems only 37% of all Faculty voted and so it was 69% of the 37% of UC Davis Faculty who bothered to vote --and those sorts of paltry voting numbers among Academic Senate members might be the norm, so confidence or no confidence votes have to be looked at in that context.

It seems like lots of folks want the process to play out with findings..perhaps like the Kroll and Renoso reports.

You also have to consider,compare and contrast the handling of such cases among students, staff, faculty populations when you read this next sentence in reference to prior Faculty cases and how they have commonly been resolved, see this link:

"The charges are 1) nepotism violations related to campus employment of close relatives, 2) greater involvement in the Internet clean-up than had been represented, and 3) a whistleblower complaint involving misdirection of student fees. (Exactly what #3 entails is not clear.)

The charges are contained in a letter from Napolitano to Katehi:

This is the kind of matter that usually gets resolved with money changing hands:*"

(Bold added for Emphasis)

Is that how historically the majority of these cases have been handled, and is that common knowledge among Faculty? Common knowledge in community?

Because there are multiple news stories where the sanctions are quite different, resolved differently for staff and students and the 'non Academic titled', 'not-academia Senate member'ed...


After 36-Day Student Occupation, University of California at Davis Chancellor Is Put on Leave
transcript available.
This week, University of California President Janet Napolitano placed the chancellor of University of California, Davis, Linda Katehi, on investigatory administrative leave, pending an investigation into a number of infractions, including her decision to spend at least $175,000 to try to scrub the internet of criticism following the 2011 pepper-spraying of student protesters by campus police. The school made national headlines after the video showing police spraying seated students directly in the face at close range went viral. Earlier this spring, students at the University of California, Davis, occupied the office of Chancellor Katehi and staged a 36-day sit-in calling for her resignation, to protest her handling of student protests and allegations of conflicts of interest. Democracy Now! recently spoke with Parisa Esfahani and Kyla Burke, two of the students who took part in the sit-in.
Or listen
"In a statement released earlier today, student protesters said, quote, "The collective efforts of UC Davis students, faculty, staff, and community members are responsible for yielding this result. It is crucial to note that it was not Janet Napolitano, or University of California Office of the President, who led us to this moment of justice, but our uncollapsing spirit and belief in political protest," they said. The letter goes on to say, quote, "Katehi is but a cog in the UC machine. We are aiming to scrap the prototype and create a new system that both works for and is run by students, faculty, workers, and the community at large. Until system-wide change takes place, our demonstrations will continue," they wrote."

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