Saturday, April 9, 2016

Some UCLAism involved? Or, everyone with some restless leg med side effects? Or, just mass enabling?

"Cal diving coach fined $455.30 for sexual harassment"

-Diving coach makes about half what asst B ball coach makes...
Then See this article:
UC Berkeley sex harassment scandal leads to different fates for two coaches

Includes this section
"Yann Hufnagel resigned Thursday, blaming the "toxic environment" of a campus stained by scandal and abruptly ending a high-profile effort to clear his name from a sexual harassment complaint."

And the article then goes on to compare that case with another case, in discussing the other case this detail on a diving coach in the other case comes up:
"and according to numerous reports, once dated Hollywood billionaire David Geffen."
As in UCLA Med's Geffen - Wonder what UC Regent Sherman, also Geffen affiliated, thinks of that detail popping up in relation to these other issues?
Also includes,
"Mulzet denied the allegations, claiming the staffer made up the charges after Mulzet complained to higher-ups about the quality of his work. And one of his former Cal divers was surprised by the allegations and called him "a very honest guy.""

We might also read this week's new items as we recall the Stafford case,

the UC student and alum involved,

how it ended-The L.A. man's mother fled hysterics Friday, upset

-- as we also now think about that new student counseling case that came up in this week's latest round of harassment cases at Cal revelations

Just as we remember the Leite matter along with the Fleming matter...

- But the larger question: Does anyone in the shared governance of UC ever commit themselves to remembering such things? And why is the HR leadership with oversight of staff non academic positions and also the Academic Personnel Office , with their own hefty salaries for their 'leadersip', silent on all of these matters? Even, their counsel... Just Crickets.
Hefty salaries for all of 'em. As professional enablers?

Did anyone talk about that at:

UC Berkeley faculty hold emergency meeting on sexual harassment handling

Why does Daily Cal later insert important update to this article 'UC Berkeley chancellor announces new committee on sexual misconduct' with this new news from Admin rather than a fresh new article with the new info??
"Update 4/6/16: This article has been updated to reflect new information from campus spokespeople and faculty."
..."Graduate Assembly, the ASUC and other relevant student groups will share input gathered from students with the sexual misconduct committee, Holmes said in an email. While the student committee will provide ideas and advice for the larger committee to consider, Holmes noted, the students will have no decision-making power regarding what appears on the final recommendations."

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