Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"the administrative proposals will be headed by Vice Chancellor for University Relations"

"Update to campus Academic Realignment Initiative outlines potential cost-cutting changes"

"Various campus colleges will be providing cost-cutting proposal reports to the administration over the next few months, as announced in a Friday email regarding the campus’s Academic Realignment Initiative."

"As part of the campus’s larger Strategic Initiatives Plan in response to its structural deficit, deans of the campus College of Chemistry, College of Letters and Science, College of Engineering and the College of Natural Resources, among other schools, will be outlining potential organizational changes that could cut costs.

“Our Academic Realignment Initiative (is) one of the areas where the campus is pursuing new strategies in order to position Berkeley for continued academic excellence in the face of our new budget realities,” Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said in the Friday email.

According to the email, the deans of the College of Chemistry, College of Letters and Science and College of Engineering will be forming faculty working groups to evaluate how to increase collaboration between the colleges."

And this earlier story on it:

"Steps to increase student input in campus cost-cutting measures met with criticism from students"

"The Office of Strategic Initiatives announced Wednesday four initiative categories that would form the framework of the cost-cutting measures, including academic, administrative, fundraising and finance and intercollegiate athletics initiatives.

The academic, as well as the fundraising and finance, strategies will be overseen by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele, the administrative proposals will be headed by Vice Chancellor for University Relations Scott Biddy and the intercollegiate athletics initiative will be led by Dirks, with all three serving as executive sponsors for their respective initiatives.

“The sponsor has the responsibility to provide the overall direction of the initiatives,” Szeri said."

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