Wednesday, April 13, 2016

They wanna talk, and They wanna talk to Janet directly...

There seems to be some major credibility, perception  issues being raised regarding some UC Chancellors
At UC Berkeley multiple urgent Academic Senate meetings held to try to catch up with Cal administration's moves/ leadership via memo and rumor-  but why does the Academic Senate have to play catch up? And is two hours of faculty public comments speeches at their latest meeting going to get them back some power?:
UC Berkeley faculty hold special meeting on campus deficit, academic realignment

Maybe the Berkeley Academic Senate should request the presence of their member who also serves as UC President at these special meetings...
A request
At UC Davis :

If you read about the staff cuts at Berkeley, it kinda makes for sad comedy to see UC Berkeley try and push 'Berkeley in the news section' PR with this: "She wants restaurants to take the 'high road': increased pay, better benefits, and more opportunity"

BTW Napolitano might want to take note of this at AZ :Sign the petition. Help the President of the University of Arizona to step down.

And Berkeley Faculty might read the latest Remaking The University post

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