Sunday, May 29, 2016

Audit of UC PATH and UC Contracting, --and similar at CSU

UC PATH, UC contracting to be audited, see at the 1:20:00 time mark, it is the last item of this meeting 2016-125 UC Contracting Practices approved unanimously for audit
OP says "UC is in a business practices revolution" as response.


How's it going for former UC now CSU Chancellor White?:

JLAC audit of CSU executive compensation

"Legislative Committee Votes for State Audit of CSU Management Growth

As the direct result of CSUEU efforts, the California Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted unanimously yesterday, May 25, to direct the State Auditor to launch a state audit of management growth within the California State University system.

The committee, chaired by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D-Chino), acted in response to Assemblymember Shirley Weber’s (D-San Diego) request for an investigation of disproportionate growth in CSU management positions, exorbitant pay increases of CSU executives, and ineffective state oversight of the CSU budget.

“We’re convinced that this state audit is a significant step in the right direction,” said Pat Gantt, president of CSUEU, which served as sponsor of Assemblymember Weber’s audit request. “Light must be shed on CSU’s upside-down organizational structure, with the ever-growing number of managers often far outnumbering support staff. The resulting tilt toward executive salaries is a disservice to CSU’s academic mission and its students.”

The committee also approved a request from Sen. Ricardo Lara audit UC contracting practices. That report may well address the privatization of our state’s public universities in general.


As state audits typically take up to nine months for completion, the State Auditor’s report is expected early next year.

Read CSUEU’s press release with further details."


There is also SF Examiner on:

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