Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cal student housing crisis compared with

Matier and Ross

"Dirks and his wife have agreed to buy Alice Walker’s home in the Berkeley hills, which the Pulitzer Prize-winning author listed for $2.65 million."

"Meanwhile, back on campus, workers have finally finished putting up that controversial fence around the chancellor’s residence. Campus officials ordered up the extra security after Dirks and his wife reported being unnerved by a series of security breaches.

As we reported in August, complaints from students and faculty over the amount of public space being gobbled up by the fence prompted the campus to move it back a bit. That pushed up the cost of the 7-foot-tall fence, which had been pegged at $400,000, to $700,000.

P.S.: While Dirks plans to stay put as chancellor, his wife, a South Asian history professor at UC Berkeley, will be taking a one-year sabbatical starting this fall to pursue a writing fellowship — at rival Stanford."

UC Berkeley student housing comes up as next week's UC Regents meeting items

In the Building and Grounds committee agenda:
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of March 24, 2016

GB1 Discussion President’s Student Housing Initiative

GB2 Discussion Update on Student and Trainee Housing Strategy and Discussion of
Minnesota Street Student and Trainee Housing, San Francisco

GB3 Action Approval of Design Pursuant to California Environmental Quality
Act for the Stiles Student Resident Hall Project, Berkeley Campus

GB4 Discussion Overview of Capital Priorities, San Diego Campus

GB5 Action Approval of Preliminary Plans Funding, Nuevo West Graduate
Student Housing, San Diego Campus

GB6 Discussion Plans for the Geffen Academy, Los Angeles Campus

GB7 Action Approval of Preliminary Plans Funding, Anderson School
of Management Addition, Los Angeles Campus

GB8 Action Approval of the Budget and of External Financing, Medical
Center Electrical Plant, Irvine Campus

Crammed into Berkeley's Housing Zone, Students Get Creative—and Desperate | California Magazine - Cal Alumni Association

Dirks also comes up in this on unfunded mandates, buildings and grounds at Columbia:

"In 2012, Nicholas Dirks, then-executive vice president for Arts and Sciences, created the organization's executive committee—composed of the "

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