Monday, May 9, 2016

Continued Contradictions, Irony

Supplementary Legal Involvement by State Needed to Hold UC Regents Accountable


Dirks announces major changes to cost-cutting efforts

"The announcement of the dissolution of the Office of Strategic Initiatives in favor of what Mogulof referred to as a return to “operating within the usual management structures” was met with widespread satisfaction at the meeting."


"This speaks to a lot of the backlash that the handling of the Office of Strategic Initiatives received, as well as changing leadership within California Hall,” said incoming ASUC President Will Morrow. “There is definitely an opportunity now to move toward more productive conversations about addressing our budget deficit.”

Leadership changes within California Hall were also discussed at the meeting. Though no direct action was taken against Dirks, multiple faculty members expressed their disapproval of his handling of recent events.

Political science department chair Eric Schickler said in an email that there was no longer a bond of mutual trust between faculty and the administration. He added that there were concerns among faculty that major donors were being steered toward supporting the Berkeley Global Campus project in Richmond rather than core campus research and teaching missions.

“Shared governance requires a shared vision and shared trust between faculty and those at the top,” Schickler said. “Many of us believe that the chancellor’s poor decisions have eroded that trust to the breaking point.”

Glazer, however, expressed concerns at the meeting of the repercussions of taking any action against Dirks at this stage.

“I don’t think it would be in our best interests to start a process that would lead to a new chancellor being put in place,” Glazer said, adding that a replacement would not be better suited to serve the campus. He added that he was concerned that the regents and UC President Janet Napolitano may not be thinking of putting someone in that position who would be better suited to serve the campus."


Dirks OP Ed today

Chancellor’s Corner: Challenges create stronger campus and community

A launch at UCLA?:
I wholeheartedly support Secretary King’s ‘Beyond the Box’ initiative, and I believe there are better ways to ensure campus safety than stigmatizing those who are trying to better their lives through higher education,” University of California President Janet Napolitano said."

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