Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Credibility tests for this week's UC Regents meeting

Sac Bee op ed on SCA 1

"Another offensive attack on UC

State legislators rewrite attempt to hobble UC Board of Regents

Revised attack would limit regents to one term, for reasons that are unclear

SCA 1 is solution in search of a problem and should be voted down"

--but avoids the point that even Regent Blum, when going through his reconfirmation at Sacto Senate rules committee he thought perhaps second terms for UC Regents should have length of term shortened, etc and other Regents have sometimes made similar comments regarding their length of service, even commented on their abilities and limits of understanding administrative decisions for the university...Blum said it to Steinberg and there were also many culture and governance questions raised - can watch the video just scroll down this page to it embedded and titled: CA SENATE RULES COMMITTEE UC REGENTS REAPPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION HEARING AUGUST 2014

Included several questions on UC culture and governance issues from from this new candidate

The UC Regents and OP will try hard to sell this at this week's Regents meetings,
UC’s climate of innovation pays off for California

but the sum total of all the bad headlines this academic year are really too much,may put in question UC credibility across the board...

UCSB Economic Forecast Project Executive Director Peter Rupert, left, moderates a panel discussion among (l to r) Santa Maria City Manager Rick Haydon, Allan Hancock College President Kevin Walthers, Pacific Coast Business Times Editor-in-chief Henry Dubroff and Sacramento Bee journalist Dan Walters

"Education is how we all get out of an economic downturn,” Walthers said. “But right now, the State of California is not investing in higher education.” Student enrollments at public institutions are up, but the state budget has not grown with it, he explained. Compounding the problem in the North County, according to Walthers is that access to four-year institutions is limited, forcing students to drive, or live far away if they want to get their university degrees. Among possible solutions, he suggested, were satellite campuses of four-year institutions, and perhaps even the conversion of"... - See more at: http://www.news.ucsb.edu/2016/016780/examining-options#.dpuf


SF Gate on funding for higher ed

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