Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Frets or claims of misrepresentation?

The Regents table is all over the place on responding to the way they characterize the state audit report on UC admissions

The LA Times calls it frets

But that was before this morning when the faculty rep at the Regents table characterized the state auditors findings much more harshly...

Are UC Admin trying to use a soft touch with pols while the faculty throw themselves out there with a more aggressive approach?


"Sacramento lawmaker would expand UC resident enrollment by 30,000

Plan would take six years to add Californians, reduce nonresident enrollment

Would combine state funding with UC efficiencies, nonresident tuition hike

Caught off-guard by proposal, UC expresses initial opposition"

Read more here:

University Of California Considers Expanding Student-Athlete Protections


UC President Napolitano proposes multi-year support for undocumented students

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