Sunday, May 22, 2016

Inferred, gleaned

this link for initiatives PR like:

"The cross-departmental Staff Retirement Metrics team conceived and developed a dashboard project that addresses the growing problem of an aging workforce at UC Berkeley. The team realized that by putting information about the composition of the workforce in the hands of units, it would help managers make better decisions regarding their workforce planning and even help with project prioritization. Within four months of the project launch, it was live on the Cal Answers portal, and within weeks, it had the second highest query traffic. The goal of the team was to provide an effective workforce planning tool for units that was intuitive and easy to use. This type of tool had never been created by any of the UC campuses, and the team had to study dashboards across other industries and use their own creativity to come up with unique solutions. This tool has had a great impact on units, and it will be in high demand as the a percentage of the workforce prepares for retirement in the next decade."

Could that effort have anything to do with that story on:

As folks are graduating, headed out- Dirks puts out:

See also

5/10/16 afternoon session regents part I

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time mark 00:14:30 public comments
00:26:00 discussion of draft internal audit development discussion
00:38:25 UCB and UCD collaborations such as:

Berkeley, Tsinghua mark partnership’s progress

in relation to IT Sec. concerns raised in question from uc regent Davis

00:39:45 internal audit evaluation of campus diversity metrics, advisor Acker asks about it

00:41:30 regent Sherman asks about efforts in campus strategic sourcing metrics

You can also try to follow along uc regents may meeting via audio clip and text synopsis at these links, the audio runs without interruption, breaks but can make it difficult to identify speakers, proceedings:

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