Friday, May 6, 2016

Katehi and Journalism Awards, and UC and Political Influence Moves

Katehi now sends regrets on attending awards event for... Journalism scholarships
- and her people mention UCOP gag order...

Then , Davis Enterprise has:

"Enterprise got word late on Thursday that UCD faculty were circulating a San Francisco Chronicle story from March 24, 2015, that is likely to generate some negative sentiment by faculty about Haag’s suitability.

The story, headlined, “Kamala Harris accuses U.S. attorney of ‘unethical tactics,’ ” details a complicated situation where “attorneys for Harris’ office charged that Haag ‘actively misled’ … two witnesses when she interviewed them (in 2007).”

However, a follow-up column a week later, headlined, “Kamala Harris backtracks on claim accusing U.S. attorney of bias,” softened the accusations.

“After we reported the story,” the authors wrote, “the AG’s office filed a ‘substitute’ petition — one that made no mention of Haag’s supposed bias or unethical tactics.”"

--Here are links to those SF Chron stories mentioned:

"Meanwhile, UCD Academic Senate chairman André Knoesen told Senate members Thursday after the announcement of Haag as investigator, “I have not yet been contacted by President (Janet) Napolitano regarding the Executive Council resolution, which was supported by the majority present at the Representative Assembly on Tuesday, that ‘the Davis Division of the Academic Senate, through representatives, play a role in defining the scope of the investigation, the manner in which it is conducted, and the substance of the analysis and its conclusions.’

Further negative sentiment about Haag’s assignment came from Katehi’s attorney, Melinda Guzman, in a statement Thursday.

“It is unfortunate that President Napolitano is needlessly spending state resources hiring a criminal prosecutor when there is absolutely zero evidence to suggest there has been any criminal activity,” Guzman said.

“This is yet another reckless, politically driven effort"

And UCLA Fac Blog gets into some of the UC Regents agenda items for next week, including UC Regents want a new UC political influencing (correction) machine?/committee


If one is a staff or student member at UC considering making a IX Or other type of complaint while witnessing the UC leaks etc etc ---well, sheeesh--what messages are being sent to them?

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