Monday, May 2, 2016

Some at UCD want to rush OP...

"The son of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was not working directly for her daughter-in-law, contrary to what was alleged last week when Katehi was abruptly put on administrative leave, according to a review by the university's Academic Senate"...

UC Davis Academic Senate disputes conflict-of-interest allegation against chancellor
An update at LA Times

Multiple conflicts of interest questions in it, not just one, and the reporting line supervision

That piece also has:"spokeswoman in the president's office declined to comment on the Academic Senate's findings, saying it was "inappropriate" to do so during an ongoing investigation."

--Could it be that the UCD Academic Senate is commenting on the investigation repeatedly because some want to obstruct it? Or?

Original post:

What's their rush?
UCD Academic Senate calls for quick conclusion, shared governance
"Added Knoesen, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, “The abruptness with which the decision to suspend Chancellor Katehi was announced and the lack of communication and consultation with the Division Senate as the situation developed creates the perception that the decision was driven by forces outside UC Davis.”"

-- They don't know that they are part of a multi campus system?

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