Sunday, May 29, 2016

That 'Michigan Model' UC Talks Up... Now, For Out Of State Students at UC?

See: California considers huge tuition hikes for out-of-state students

"Students from other states and countries have flooded into the UC system's campuses since the recession, smoothing over gaping budget holes with their tuition payments. Although they are a much smaller proportion of the UC student body than at the University of Michigan, where about 43 percent of new freshmen hail from out of state, nonresidents now make up 21 percent of last fall's freshman class, up from 7 percent just five years earlier and about 15.5 percent of all UC undergraduates.

But the influx -- amid soaring demand and plummeting in-state admission rates -- has infuriated many Californians, who feel the system they help fund has slipped out of their reach."

Includes " Out-of-state tuition, 2015-16

Virginia $43,822
Michigan* $43,476
UC $36,948
Washington $34,278
North Carolina $33,673
Arizona. $32,600
Oregon $32,022
National average $23,893
*Michigan's rate for freshmen and sophomores

Source: the above universities,
U.S. News & World Report"

--Is the Michigan rate for Juniors and Seniors even higher?

For some of the instances when UC Talks up the Michigan Model see

See: University of California at Goldman Sachs, has a special commencement address that notes all the resilience...

University Diaries also noted it

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