Thursday, May 5, 2016

The value of those THE rankings of UC in light of::


"As UC’s scandals spread, Janet Napolitano plays tough cop"

When you have to repair a gigantic, self-proclaimed ‘best public university in the world,’ you have to be ruthless,” Kamer said. “You can be so ruthless that everyone hates your guts and you lose support. You’re not always going to get everything right. But you have to make decisions.”


"Her decisions “are a day late and a dollar short,” said Michael O’Hare, who teaches public management at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. “She should have been on top of this before it came out as public scandals. Her response has been largely to tighten up on bad behavior and punish it more severely. And I think that’s missing a very large part of the task — which is to have less offending and less punishing.”"

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First layoff notice at UC Berkeley spurs rally, criticism of chancellor

Former U.S. attorney to lead investigation into allegations against UC Davis chancellor
UC Office of the Presiden
Thursday, May 5, 2016


"Former federal prosecutors to lead UC probe of Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

Melinda Haag, who oversaw Barry Bonds prosecution, will oversee Katehi inquiry

Haag to work with law partner McGregor Scott, former U.S. attorney for Sacramento

Katehi lawyer says there is ‘zero evidence’ of criminal activity, looks forward to ‘transparent’ investigation"

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Woodland resident named acting provost of UC Davis
"Burtis, a professor of genetics and past dean of the College of Biological Sciences, has served as faculty adviser to the chancellor and provost since 2011. In that role, Burtis served as a liaison with key campus constituencies and had a lead role in the 2020 Initiative, which involved strategic planning for campus growth, including enrollment management, facilities planning and academic resources.

“I am delighted that Ken will be serving in the role of acting provost at this critical moment,” Hexter said. “Ken has a long history with UC Davis, having been here as a student, a staff member, a professor and an administrator. He is already very engaged in many of our most important projects.”"


UCOP appoints former U.S. attorney to lead investigation into allegations against UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

Cost of cutting UC Berkeley program? Desperately needed doctors


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