Tuesday, May 24, 2016

They only recognize gender bias when it occurs within their own class, etc.? Because...

Frozen eggs and Title IX
"These announcements are largely aimed to attract in-demand highly skilled tech workers, and"..." excludes many of its low wage workers from the policy"

"We said in part: “Women who are married with children in the sciences are 35 percent less likely to enter a tenure track position after receipt of their Ph.D. than married men with children, and they are 27 percent less likely than their male counterparts to achieve tenure upon entering a tenure track job. The same phenomenon has appeared in non-STEM fields, as studies indicate that married mothers who earn Ph.D.s are 28 percent less likely to obtain a tenure track job than are married men with children who earn Ph.D.s.”

The first such state law to be enacted, the bill orders compliance with Title IX’s protection of graduate student women against pregnancy discrimination and offers protection beyond the explicit scope of Title IX. The bill requires California colleges and universities to provide a minimum of twelve months of leave for graduate students for pregnancy or childbirth. It also includes leave for fathers and partners who are not the birth parent.

This is a step far beyond Title IX, which only requires universities to provide leave for pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions for as long as medically necessary. Both Title IX and the new California law require that students who take this legally protected leave be allowed to return in the same status they held when they left; a far cry from current practice of some institutions that make students reapply as if they never even attended the school.

The law also provides extensions for normative time, and time to take preliminary and qualifying exams. Finally, for those students not on leave, the law makes clear that pregnant students are entitled to reasonable accommodations to allow them to continue their studies

The new California law states that a student may choose to take a leave of absence for childbirth according to the policies of the institution “or for a period of 12 additional months, whichever is longer” and return in good academic standing. It also allows a graduate student who is not the birth parent, to take a leave of up to one month.

Impact, compliance, implementation

The most important impact of this new law, to my mind, is not just the language itself, but the implementation. Students, postdocs, and even employees have long had rights to leave and accommodations under Title IX, but no one informed them."

Why does power make us lose our way?
"social scientists showing that upper-income people tend to feel more entitled and less compassionate, and are quicker to behave unethically than their less affluent cohorts.

Conversely, studies found that lower-income people tended to be more closely attuned to others’ needs."

BTW, SCA1 was placed into suspense file yesterday

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