Wednesday, May 4, 2016

UC Davis 'Leakers' Were UC Berkeley Faculty, - and OP Personnel?

See: Faculty want their voices heard on Katehi

"Indeed, Bisson said that UCD faculty first heard about Katehi’s investigatory administrative leave not from UCOP, but from UC Berkeley faculty. She said UCD faculty became upset, thinking “they (UCOP) told something to the Berkeley faculty and not us.”

Eventually, UCD faculty learned that a copy of the memo from Napolitano’s office had been leaked to Cal faculty, which was subsequently forwarded to UCD faculty. Bisson cited this as an example of how poor the communication between the Academic Senate and UCOP has been because UCD faculty were so quick to believe Cal was given UCD-related news before UCD faculty."

Looks like two rounds of leaking, 1-a leak from OP to UCB then 2- from UCB to UCD...
Demand transparency from Katehi investigation

"The Editorial Board appreciates the precautionary action taken by the UC in investigating decisions made behind the doors of Mrak Hall. As a top research university, UC Davis must be managed by trustworthy administrators who take students’ best interests to heart.

UC Davis students have played an active and vital role in bringing awareness to the chancellor’s actions. On March 11, the student Fire Katehi group began a sit-in on the fifth floor of Mrak Hall, calling for the chancellor’s resignation. The protesters left Mrak on April 15 and have since organized additional demonstrations, continuing to elevate the issue.

It is only fair that the investigation progresses transparently, avoiding suspicious actions similar to those it is reviewing. As the investigation commences, students should remain informed and continue to take interest in campus events.

In the event that Katehi is dismissed from her position, we hope that student involvement is welcomed in the process of appointing a new chancellor. Student committees and other forms of respectful involvement can add to increased productivity and avoid disruptive behavior. "


Student activism key in uncovering UC Davis chancellor’s corruption

Just UC ethics violation, no big deal (East Bay Times editorial)

It starts off: "The hits just keep on coming for the University of California. Another day, another black eye.

Sexual harassment scandals involving faculty at UC Berkeley and UCLA -- two of the system's pre-eminent universities -- have rocked those campuses and prompted charges that UC isn't serious about dealing with harassment. Last week, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was placed on investigative administrative leave after she apparently refused a request from UC President Janet Napolitano to resign because of a series of embarrassing blunders.

Now, a secret investigation concluded that a doctor on the University of California Board of Regents -- the governing board of the whole system -- has violated ethics rules by trying to strike a deal for the purchase of his eye clinics by UCLA. "

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