Wednesday, May 11, 2016

UC Regents are being denied access to UC Student Enrollment, Admissions Data,Faculty hiring recruitment numbers at each UC Campus

See  statements made by Oved, Pattiz, Elliott regarding denial of access to disaggregated data to regent Oved on his request for disaggregated data for each campus and, separately, another request and denial of access to UCSD data when UC Regent Elliott requested it (their report on yield of underrepresented minority student enrollment at UCSD specifically) and comments from Pattiz and others UC Regents about it...when the archive of this morning's UC Regents session is made available

It happens in the last hour of this video:

Then compare their comments

And Reiss comments on GPA and SAT weighting on admissions decisions

All of that compared and contrasted with what the UC Faculty Representative said from the Regents table this morning regarding the state auditor and her report on UC admissions and Enrollment.
The UC Faculty Rep speaks about the CA State Auditor and the JLAC report at the 56:00 mark, once again, here at this link:

(FYI, there were microphone and archiving the video problems today especially during public comment period and during the faculty rep statement to Regents, so just hang in there, the comments are made in full, the archive is now available etc.)

Why can't UC Regents have access to campus specific disaggregated data on
student admissions, Enrollment?

And employee, Faculty personnel numbers on recruitment/hiring?

Why are UC Regents being denied this information?

And who on the board or at office of the UC president is denying the UC Regents access to that information? Are the UC Chancellors denying the UC Regents access to those numbers,?
Which UC Chancellors are denying access to those numbers, data?

Will add in news coverage/ round up of today's meeting below

Could it be former LA Times Larry Gordon? Writes:

UC regents lament persistent low African-American enrollment
about another set of comments regents Oakley and Island saying there is no UC accountability in the UC Accountability Reports

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