Tuesday, May 31, 2016

UC Regents Committee on Compensation - May 31, 2016


Meeting of The Regents Committee on Compensation is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, 2016, by teleconference as follows. Please note that all times indicated and the order of business are approximate and subject to change.

Live Video streaming of the meeting will be available while the meeting is live in session:


Archive may one day soon be available here, for a limited time:

As of June 2 the archive still was not posted in UC archives link provided above.

But you can listen here:


The meeting was important b/c it discussed the percent of time commitment senior management group, SMG, members may or may not engage in outside commitments like board service, and proposed changes were discussed

There also was a plan to limit such paid service to private industry
And significantly loosen controls on anything under non profit advisory board type of service that SMG might engage in -which can be come very murky waters...

And also contrasts and comparisons on policy regarding
academic title/professor compared with
SMG compared with
solely UC Chancellors
And comparisons if whatever review of UC Regents conflict of commitment/interests oversight occurs
-- all were part of the discussion if you ever get access to the archive

BTW the academic Senate rep said he and his designate were not familiar with this policy or well versed enough to speak to the regents on it-- that was an odd moment in the meeting, but they said the academic Senate group that does work on this policy will be meeting June 20 or 22, so...

Some of the regents like Island recommended UC seek best practices on this from Stanford and USC

Other regents like Elliott asked some very good questions related to how this policy works in practice particularly with UC Hospitals CEOs etc who receive significant sums for their engaging in such service on non UC boards

Those who joined the meeting from UCLA closed the meeting by talking about what they had for lunch -prime rib, ribeye BBQ...so, try to listen to the meeting once available , it runs about an hour and a half.

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