Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Was this Birgeneau's parting gift to Cal?: "Almost since Dirks arrived in 2013, the campus has been operating deeply in the red, and it is battling a $150 million deficit this year alone. Other UC campuses have dipped into the red but have extracted themselves. This is Berkeley’s third year of deficit spending, a problem blamed in part on its construction debt."

See: UC Berkeley chancellor faces skeptical Academic Senate

"He dissolved the Office of Strategic Initiatives, created in February, which was the agency coordinating efforts to balance the budget.

• He announced that deans and the Academic Senate would now take the lead in figuring out how to help balance the budget through restructuring academics — an effort the administration had been handling.

He acknowledged the failure of a three-year effort called Campus Shared Services intended to make the campus more efficient and said that the campus will try a different model that has succeeded elsewhere.

• Sexual harassment cases involving faculty will be brought directly to his attention.

“We have made mistakes in the past concerning sanctions,” Dirks said. “We cannot do that anymore.”"


The students are writing about this, is it an example to them? Should it be explained to them?

UC regent to remain board member despite ethical violations

Investigation concludes UC regent violated ethics rules


Garamendi Goes to UC Davis to Unveil Student Loan Refinancing Bill

And this Op Ed:

No way back for the chancellor
Includes a letter to the editor comment:
"Actually, Linda Katehi, UC Davis is me, my co-workers, our students, our faculty, and much, much more than you. Please get out of the way so the rest of the world can see that again.”

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