Sunday, May 1, 2016

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This update raises questions about WHY/HOW IS IT that UC Davis officials are publicly commenting on their own view of details related to issues at the heart of Napolitano's ongoing investigation in the midst of it, is OP allowing it?:
"On Friday, Adela de la Torre, vice chancellor of student affairs at UCD, refuted questions of whether the employment status of Katehi’s son and daughter-in-law violated conflict-of-interest policies within the UC system.

In her letter to Katehi, Napolitano said: “It appears not only that the academic program in which your son (Erik Tseregounis) holds a paid research position was moved into the same department in which your daughter in law (Emily Prieto) is employed, but also that the program was placed under her direct supervision.

De la Torre countered that Prieto, “Never supervised her husband.”

De la Torre said Tseregounis directly reported to Banafsheh Sadeghi and Linda Whent at the Center for Transnational Health. Prieto reports to de la Torre.

“The real tragedy here is that people think (the accusations) have been validated when they haven’t,” de la Torre said."

Read where that detail is offered in an OP ED here: - the comments section to that OP ED show that it makes readers, Californians more disgusted with UC...

Three-day drama led to UC Davis chancellor’s suspension

"Napolitano sent the two-page suspension letter to the media Wednesday night and provided hundreds of pages of documents The Sacramento Bee had been seeking for six weeks though California Public Records Act requests."

Read more here:


The Astonishing Incompetence of ... the Consultants UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi Hired to Help Scrub the Internet


Katehi placed on leave; Hexter is at the helm

"If this is what it took to get a substantial investigation, I can only imagine how many other dirty secrets UC (administrators) are hiding.”

Also points out on Hexter:
..." a “UC insider,” after spending 11 years at UC Berkeley as a classics and literature professor until his promotion to executive dean of the College of Letters and Sciences, where he served from 2002 to 2005."

"UC investigator to scrutinize employment of Davis chancellor’s relatives"

"Among UC Davis lecturers, Spyros Tseregounis, 62, had the highest base pay and the fourth highest gross pay in 2014, according to a UC pay database.

Katehi said last week that her husband, who teaches chemical engineering, was recruited with her as part of the university’s Partner Opportunities Program. The program is designed to help the university recruit and retain top managers.

This is done in universities widely because a lot of our faculty, as you know, are married with other faculty,” she said. “They meet themselves in graduate school.”


"Prieto, 36, arrived at UC Davis in 2013 as an executive analyst with a $77,000 salary, according to UC Office of the President. In 2014, she was promoted to chief of staff to de la Torre and was paid $90,419, according to a UC pay database.

In 2015, she added assistant vice chancellor to her title. Prieto now earns $130,000."


"Beyond that, Napolitano expressed concern about a pay increase beyond 20 percent to de la Torre over the past 2 1/2 years.

De la Torre, an agricultural economist, started at the university in 2011 as a professor earning $167,000. She was promoted to interim vice chancellor in August 2012 and was bumped up to $236,000 a year. She was given the title of vice chancellor in August 2013 and got a $7,000 annual bump.

In July 2014, her salary increased to $252,800, then to $310,000 in July 2015. That increase was high enough to require approval by the Board of Regents, according to a document obtained by The Bee. UC Davis justified the increase by saying de la Torre’s duties were expanding to include campuswide diversity efforts instead of hiring a new employee."

Read more here:

UC Needs to Stop Fighting for Katehi by Joe Mathews

gets this reader comment:

"Heh, funny that Bryan Merica of Fox&Hounds is a co-founder of the group Katehi gave over $100,000 to scrub the Internet of the pepper spray thing.

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