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Reviewing Cal Football Practices, Campus Ethics and more

Update II: UC Berkeley chancellor orders new probe of football program
includes links to PDF

UC Berkeley to investigate football team's conditioning program

Update: Faculty wants probe, asks UC Berkeley to suspend coach rehiring


See in depth article:

Critics question Cal’s probe into football coach’s actions

"That review, however, did not examine Harrington’s role in the two key incidents and contained no analysis of facts, said John Cummins, a former chief of staff to four Berkeley chancellors who oversaw Cal athletics in the mid-2000s, and Mike Smith, who served 36 years as Berkeley’s top attorney until 2009.

“An investigation into potentially serious employment misconduct would typically involve interviews of the parties and witnesses, an analysis of the evidence, findings and recommendations and be carried out by a trained impartial campus investigator,” Smith said. The review’s report “doesn’t contain any analysis or conclusions about what occurred.”

Critics also question the integrity of the investigation because the investigators — John Murray, a private strength and conditioning coach, and Jeffrey Tanji, medical director for sports at UC Davis — had personal ties with Cal staff. Murray disclosed in the report that he was a “friend and colleague” of Mike Blasquez, who oversees all of Cal’s strength and conditioning programs. And Tanji said he had trained Casey Batten, the football team physician. Both said in the report those relationships did not influence their findings.

“Obviously, there is a conflict of interest there, or at least an appearance of a conflict,” Cummins said. “The death of a football player, and a player-on-player assault that led to one player being hospitalized with a major concussion — these are very serious matters. You need an independent body or individual to look very carefully at this.”"

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Katehi compared with De La Pena, and more...

UC spent $158,000 on campaign to counter critical state audit

"Though she initially confirmed, in a phone call and follow-up emails, the scope of the campaign, Klein said in a subsequent conversation that only the rebuttal report was a direct response to the audit. She said the digital and radio buys were already planned, would have happened regardless of the audit, and their messages about UC enrollment merely aligned with the focus of the rebuttal report.

Documents obtained by The Bee, however, include two analyses of the online advertising effort that refer to it as the “UC Audit Campaign.” The subject of a group email between agency representatives and UC marketing and public affairs staff members outlining the digital buy is “SDK (sic) timeline re: audit messaging.”

The campaign centered around two weeks of online advertising following the release of audit, initially focused on the Sacramento area."


How race-based affirmative action could return to UC by Vikram Amar is dean and a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law. He is the former dean of academic affairs at the UC Davis Law School.

Mentioned earlier, now see this article on it:

In Contrast to Katehi Letter, Regent De La Pena’s Investigation Kept Secret For Over a Year

..."But at issue here is the UC President’s handling of the matter involving Regent De La Pena versus the handling of Chancellor Katehi’s matter.

When the Vanguard asked UC Spokesperson Dianne Klein about that letter, she stated that its release “did not violate personnel confidentiality policies.”

She also suggested this was a routine release writing, “As a general matter, when media request University documents that could affect the privacy rights of individuals, California law requires us to balance the public’s interest in the disclosure of records relating to public business against an individual’s interest in non-disclosure.”

“One factor that influences this balance is the nature of an individual’s position. The higher the level of one’s position, the greater likelihood that the balance tips in favor of the public interest in disclosure,” she explained.

She added, “In light of the many weeks of media attention arising from Chancellor Katehi’s leadership, UCOP determined that, in this case, the balance favored disclosure when the letter was requested.”

However, the handling of "...

Jerry Brown signs $167 billion California budget, makes no cuts

Monday, June 27, 2016

"Dirks has good reason to feel under siege these days. Napolitano was angry over how the campus handled a series of sexual harassment cases, and faculty members are mad about budget cuts that Dirks is making to try to eliminate the deficit — and are quietly talking up a no-confidence vote this fall."

Over the past three years, UC Berkeley has spent more than $1 million sprucing up the official home of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, school records show.


"Some of the work on the 105-year-old University House, on the west side of campus, began in July 2013 to prepare it for the arrival of the then-newly hired Dirks and his wife, associate history Professor Janaki Bakhle. The $247,000 job — which was approved by then-University of California President Mark Yudof — included a $147,000 renovation of the upstairs kitchen, plus $100,000 for painting throughout the house, refinishing the floors in several rooms and replacing worn window coverings in the residence area with roller shades.

A year later, the university spent $14,752 for more floor work on the lower level of the house, according to records furnished to us by the UC Berkeley real estate division.

Then, in early 2015, the school spent $76,886 to redo a downstairs bathroom used mainly during public events. Leaking plumbing fixtures had caused extensive rot and other damage, officials said.

In a separate purchase not handled by the real estate division, Bakhle swapped nine Persian rugs for six newer ones. The net cost was at least $90,000.

Estimated total cost for the in-home work: $428,000. Campus officials hasten to add that none of it came out of state or tuition funds. Gift funds were used to pay for all the work done ahead of the chancellor’s arrival, while investment income and other revenue sources paid for the rest.

In addition to all this, the university spent close to $700,000 — 2½ times the original budget — to install a security fence after protesters sprayed graffiti on the house. And every year, it provides the chancellor with a $179,000 budget to maintain University House.

News of this spending comes as the university struggles with a $150 million deficit.

University House is the source of another headache for the campus — this one having nothing to do with maintenance.

In 2015, Alice McNeil, who was hired as the house manager and executive assistant to Bakhle shortly after the chancellor arrived, was removed from her post. She was given another assignment outside University House for a while, then was laid off.

Those chores, according to McNeil, included picking up groceries for the couple, taking their dogs to the vet and filling out health forms for their teenage son, who was off attending boarding school.
In a follow-up letter to university officials in February, Stephen Henry, McNeil’s lawyer, wrote that “the disagreement (over how many hours were spent doing the couple’s personal business) was made very clear by the chancellor’s wife, who expressed anger over Ms. McNeil’s honesty in preparing the form, and resulted in the removal of Ms. McNeil from University House.”

Napolitano’s office is reviewing the matter. A spokesman there declined to comment.

In an interview, Dirks said he couldn’t comment"...
Daily Cal

Sunday, June 26, 2016

UC Regents Model of Governance, committee structure and assignments could change significantly by September

UC Regents Governance committee decided to use a service to stream their meeting, that service required anyone who wanted to listen to or see that uc regent meeting in real time to register for that non UC service first. Now the regents have posted an archive audio only clip of their meeting, it is listed as a "video" link in their archive for June 22.

the first twenty minutes is publuc comment by a group organized to complain about UC policy on vaccinations.

then the board begins their open deliberations on a new governance structure that could be adopted as soon as the upcoming July UC Regents full board meeting along with a July set of Regent actions on Committee assignments and the new governance model would be in full implementation effective at the regents September meeting a few months later this year.

Curiously, at 37:30 minute mark of the audio clip in the above link the person in this next archive story came up as part of their discussions over whether or not it is wise to have regents with powers to place agenda items on the regents agenda:

The UC Regents committee on health services model of governance came up repeatedly

regent Reiss asks about power of commiittee over board and vice versa questions and sounds surprised by the answers she receives at around the 70:00 mark which seems to indicate some regents don't fully understand these governance actions being proposed.

The topic of misconduct of uc regents procedures and changes to that policy also come up in their non quorom non action discussion

The chancellors proposed amendments are discussed

A report on feedback from the academic Senate is also made-and characterized by staff at OP

There are no captions to identify speakers as one listens to the proceedings among uc regents, or slides to follow along with , no illustrations of proposed changes no draft version of an organizational chart or schedule or a mock up flow of annual actions of what such a calendar would look like of the proposed new governance model and how it might proceed-- that is not provided by those moving this agenda item forward...


The above raises questions similar to the periscope
vs cspan

vs house cameras
questions that came up recently


trying to digest Brexit and why, maybe a good thing to go back and review Oliver Bullough on CNN regarding higher education hints and more

Not a Brexit,

Back in October

and It could go on and on..

Neptune and Clouds...
"Dark vortices were first discovered in high-resolution images of Neptune from Voyager 2 in 1989. These vortices were trailed by companion clouds, thought to result when the flow of ambient air is perturbed and diverted upward over the vortex"

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Narrow enough


"In a victory for diversity in higher education, a hamstrung Supreme Court narrowly upheld the affirmative action program at the University of Texas at Austin, effectively allowing the school to keep using race as one of many factors in its admissions process."

You can also check out:


How UCLA is boosting campus diversity, despite the ban on affirmative action

Napolitano talks about UC PATH and Working Smarter initiative in:
How Public Universities Address Decline in State Funding

Almost uc regent David Crane writes:
Protecting CA Students From Pension Costs

Is this leg based around, tailored for UC?

Or no?

California agencies have no business claiming copyright protection for public records


Yesterday's uc regents governance committee meeting used an outside vendor who required viewers to provide their personal information into text boxes in order to view the in progress uc regents governance committee meeting, a meeting that is a CA public meeting

We need something better than the current UC meetings archive processes

UC Regents Health Services Meeting June 14,2016

Children's Hospital Oakland comes up in this meeting

Along with public comments on vaccines, etc

And a discussion of patient readmission practices includes an exchange discussing knowledge and info gaps between lay people uc regents and uc med professionals and related financial considerations etc

It is very difficult to identify speakers
The video archive only exists for one year but the audio archive will not allow for viewing of the multiple presentation slides discussed and referenced throughout

UC Regents Health Services Meeting June 14,2016
this meeting archive is based out of ucsf media services

runs about three hours
Regent Sherman (of Geffen) microphone does not work throughout meeting as he asks questions, the problem never fixed.
tent cards not visible frequently, moved or bad camera angles
Very low diversity of participants, btw


The Regents of the University of California

agenda and background docs here:

Date: June 14, 2016

Time: 12:30 p.m.

Locations: UCSF–Mission Bay Conference Center, 1675 Owens Street, San Francisco;

Covel Commons, UCLA campus

Agenda – Open Session

Public Comment Period

(20 minutes)

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of April 18, 2016

H0 Discussion Update from Executive Vice President Stobo

H1 Action Amendments to the Clinical Enterprise Management

Recognition Plan

H2 Discussion Financial Update for UCSF Health, San Francisco Campus


Committee membership: Regents Blum, Lansing (Chair), Makarechian, Reiss, and Sherman

(Vice Chair); Ex officio members Brown and Napolitano;

Executive Vice President Stobo, Chancellors Hawgood and

Khosla; Advisory members Dimsdale, Hernández, Lipstein,

Ramsey, and Smith

All times indicated and the order of business are approximate and subject to change

Presentation slides are used routinely so audio only archive does not help much

but here is link to recap and audio only clip of the meeting:

UC Regents Compensation Committee Meeting May 2016

this meeting is based out of ucla media services

C1 Discussion Regents Policy 7707, Senior Management Group Outside Professional


UC Regents Committee on Investments from May 2016

Archived Stream - UC Regents Committee on Investments

05/02/2016 Committee on Investments 
Investment Advisory Group 
Agenda Items
I-1 Discussion Update on Investment Performance for Periods Ending March 31, 2016

I-2 Discussion UC Retirement Plan Asset Allocation Review

I-3 Action Amendment of Investment Policy Statement for University of California Retirement Plan

I-4 Action Amendment of Investment Policy Statement for University of California General Endowment Pool

 requires viewers to download of silverlight

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"UC Davis pathology professor claims he is being defamed by the university after he raised conflict-of-interest issues regarding embattled Chancellor Linda Katehi and a settlement agreement into which he entered earlier this year".

(Referenced in earlier coverage from Davis Vanguard in recent post)
Davis Enterprise with some more detail on that aspect:
Departing UCD professor says university defamed him

"At a minimum, Chancellor Katehi was obligated to disclose her leadership role and involvement with Wiley & Sons when it conflicted with her duties as chancellor,” Coleman wrote in her letter.

“Nonetheless, without disclosing her conflict in this matter, she presided over and ultimately imposed highly irregular and excessive punitive actions upon Dr. Jialal, even overriding and disregarding the recommendations of the Faculty Senate in this matter.”

Jialal also is challenging the validity of the settlement agreement, which he claims he was “coerced and rushed” into signing. "

It seems some faculty would like this resolved quietly, quiet mediation, rather than public discussion of UC processes now occurring,
But the Katehi matters now involve questions around use of student fees and more , so handling it quietly seems no longer possible.

There is also this from OP

"Well we have a system of over 200,000 employees. She relies on the chancellors to run their own campuses. It was not communicated to her," said UC spokesperson Dianne Klein.

UC Regents Governance Committee Meets Today, more


One has to: do this to be able to listen or view the CA public meeting? why is the uc regents secretary not following a standard format for these non full board uc regents meeting broadcasts?
Detailed: "Court Rules UCSD Treated Student Accused of Cheating Unfairly"

In depth on UC systemwide efforts based at UCLA: UCLA co-founded nonprofit to form national manufacturing institute

Maybe they can do it in honor of Anton Yelchin ?:
Could it be?
more Katehi:"UC President Tells Katehi She Has No Right to Attorney-Client Privilege"
And Daily Cal revisits Fleming:

Yep, 'cork screw curls' lines , at Headley or not? etc

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Katehi, new twist

Attorney Alleges Katehi Conflict in Disciplinary Action Against Employee

"Up until now any accusations of a conflict of interest for UC Davis’ Chancellor Linda Katehi, now on administrative leave, and her work on the board of Wiley & Sons has been theoretical. However, letters from local attorney Mary-Alice Coleman to UC President Janet Napolitano and UC General Counsel Charles Robinson may paint things in a different light.

In a May 23 letter obtained by the Vanguard, Ms. Coleman writes on behalf of Dr. Kenny Jialal, Distinguished Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Internal Medicine, UC Davis Medical Center, that he “is challenging the validity of a UCD settlement agreement he believes was wrongfully forced upon him on February 24, 2016 in response to disciplinary action assessed by Chancellor Linda Katehi.”

Dr. Jialal was accused of plagiarism by a co-author on"...


Also see:Commentary: Has UC Totally Lost High Ground on Katehi Investigation?

There is now this final piece in a series:

Completely out to lunch cluster ----
"Compensation cut short

"Records show Fleming’s higher pay was halted in March, one month short of the year of transition leave permitted by UC’s policy.

Asked to explain the sudden end of the compensation, Mogulof said only that “the chancellor believed it was appropriate to end the transition leave at that time.”

However, also in March, Napolitano began to scrutinize a different perk that had been provided to Fleming. After he lost the vice chancellor job in spring 2015, Fleming was named by Dirks to another administrative post, at UC Berkeley’s planned Global Campus in Richmond. He was paid a $20,000 stipend and reimbursed for travel in Europe and Asia.

Napolitano didn’t like that."

Graham Fleming receives executive pay for nearly 1 year after resigning amid sexual harassment allegations


How Harvard set the model for affirmative action in college admissions

Also see:

There is this on our UC pres of uc regents:

The Purge: California Leaves Researchers (and Policymakers) in the Dark by Gutting Education Data

In Sac Bee, raises questions on what folks are told at UC Davis under Katehi - in comparison with other UC campuses:

"Representatives for Katehi and the university system also seem to have widely differing opinions about UC policy or what they perceive as the lack of it. Kamer said the university lacks a policy to guide how investigations are conducted, as well as a policy on UC’s electronic property.

Klein said there are policies for both. “If allegations are made, we have a whole department that looks at ethics, compliance and audits,” she said. “They look at the allegations to see if they merit further investigation. If they do, there are whole policies about how the investigations are conducted. It can be done here in OP or with outside investigators, which we routinely hire.”

Klein provided a copy of the “Electronic Communications Policy,” which says that the privacy of electronic communications at the university is limited by policies that require employees to comply with management requests for university records in their possession, among other things.

Katehi, who has refused to meet with investigators in the past, has scheduled a meeting at the end of the month."

Read more here:


"Associate Chancellor Nils Gilman said Szeri has been centrally involved in ensuring that this round of financial restructuring is strategic and allocates resources to cutting-edge areas rather than simply shrinking budgets across the board. He added that Szeri’s successor will likely also be involved in the strategic planning process.

“He was one of my closest collaborators,” Gilman said. “(Szeri has an) unending work ethic and is always committed to improving the quality of the university.”

During his tenure as vice provost, Szeri oversaw the installation of major information technology systems, such as Google mail, that have dramatically improved the way campus functions, Gilman said. Szeri was also involved in improving the academic program review process and planning for the Berkeley Global Campus.

While Szeri served as dean of the Graduate Division, he oversaw the implementation of several dozen initiatives — including new revenue generation and degree programs — that fell under the umbrella of the Operational Excellence Program, a previous campus cost-cutting initiative that was announced in 2009."

Also see:

Monday, June 20, 2016

UC Regents Governance Questions at June 22 meeting, and the LDO in Katehi matters

Date: June 22, 2016
Time: 9:00 a.m.1
Location: 1130 K Street, Ste. 340, Sacramento; 12011 San Vicente Blvd., Ste. 606, Los
Angeles; 8400 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles; 909 Montgomery Street, Ste. 400,
San Francisco; 3750 University Avenue, Ste. 610, Riverside
Agenda – Open Session
Roll Call
Reading of Notice and Statement of Service Thereof
Public Comment Period2 (20 minutes)
G1 Discussion Board Governance Restructure and Bylaws Revision
Committee Membership: Regents Blum, Gould (Chair), Lansing, Reiss (Vice Chair),
Sherman, and Varner; Ex officio member Brown
There are some complaints from Pro Katehi folks about Sac Bee, and some claims about Napolitano role in looking at Katehi moves at UCD. Since there is a portion of Katehi that includes whistleblower claimsa, question arises: who is the LDO locally designated official overseeing Katehi review? Is it the same "at large LDO" who looked into the Regent De La Pena matter recently? Why did media get access to LDO letter on De La Pena but then the media got access to a Napolitano letter on Katehi? Who and where is the LDO on Katehi?

See also for latest: Katehi’s Team Charges Bias with the Sacramento Bee’s Reporting of the Chancellor

Summer mix

There Are Far More Title IX Investigations Of Colleges Than Most People Know
How universities are able to keep these federal probes hidden.
How Feminist Academics Dealt With An Ethics Professor Accused Of Harassment
Philosophy professors have worked behind the scenes for years to warn people about allegations against Thomas Pogge.

What Are College Governing Boards Getting From Their Search Firms?


State budget heads to Gov. Brown: How education fared


UC Merced Picks Company For $1.14 Billion Expansion


UC Davis Staff Sent to Switzerland to Learn Image-Boosting

Friday, June 10, 2016

What part of UC was for it? Against it?

California budget deal seeks nonresident enrollment cap at UC

Governor, lawmakers will give university more money if it adopts limit on out-of-state students

Budget does not specify a cap, so UC’s governing board would set terms

Deal also requires UC, CSU to update policy on outside activities for top administrators

Read more here:
"But several more critical proposals from lawmakers targeting UC were left out of the final deal, including an Assembly recommendation to give the state auditor’s office $1.1 million to annually audit the university’s budget. A deep dive into UC’s spending last year by the Assembly uncovered several items, such as financial aid for nonresidents, that infuriated legislators and further inflamed tensions during an ongoing budget battle.

Another rejected Assembly suggestion would have reversed a deal between the governor and UC to create a new tier for the university’s underfunded pension system. The move was sought by employees unions who argued that shifting the retirement plan away from guaranteed benefits would undermine its stability."


UC delays release of public records in UC Davis, Katehi probe

UC lawyer says releasing public documents to The Bee could jeopardize witness interviews

Investigation is scheduled to conclude Aug. 1, and UC says it may release some records by July 1

Attorney for The Bee says there is no legal defense for withholding public records

Read more here:

Put a lid on it...

A University of California, for California

Of course the biggest player in budget negotiations is Governor Jerry Brown. McCarty says he has spoken to Brown and that the governor supports the concept of rolling back the number out-of-state students who are accepted to UC. “The devil is in the details of how we are going to do it, but the governor told me he supports some type of cap on this policy, that it’s gotten out of hand. He used the word lid.”
Last week McCarty’s bill got an unexpected boost from democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, as she sought votes to put her over the top in California’s primary.
The race to be be the Democratic nominee has been infused with lofty rhetoric about addressing the high cost of college. During his stump speeches, Bernie Sanders’ lines about making public higher education free have been met with rousing applause. While not veering that far left, Hillary Clinton has also called for reducing the cost of university and making community college free.
During a meet and greet between Clinton and community leaders at a Mexican restaurant in Perris, California, McCarty’s bill came up. “I have to say, I approve of that,” Clinton said, adding “we have got to get back to using public colleges and university for that they were intended. If it is in California, for the children in California. If it is in New York, for the children in New York.”
At a rally at a community college in Sacramento on Monday, McCarty met with Clinton before helping introduce her on stage. ”I told her thank you for standing up for my legislation, which says the focus should be UC for Californians. And she said ‘absolutely, but we need to fund them too.’”

The Latest: Panel advances California budget compromise
on June 9, 2016

9 p.m

"A California budget compromise between Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders would increase funding for University of California, but to get all the money, the schools would have to cap out-of-state enrollment.

A key legislative budget panel approved the funding on Thursday evening, setting up votes in the full Assembly and Senate.

The budget compromise increases UC funding by $144 million. But $19 million of that would only be available if UC schools enroll at least 2,500 more California residents and the UC Board of Regents adopts a policy capping enrollment by out-of-state students.

In March, the state auditor issued a scathing report saying the UC has undermined students by admitting a growing number of nonresident students.

California State University campuses would also get a funding increase under the compromise."
"UC Responds to Allegations From Katehi’s Attorney"

"Dianne Klein responded, “What I said previously is correct. We are disappointed that Chancellor Katehi and her counsel have repeatedly said they were unable to meet with investigators.”

She continued, “Likewise, they have not provided investigators with access to the University owned devices — cell phones and iPads — that may well contain information germane to the investigation.”

Ms. Guzman had expressed concern to the Vanguard that these devices contained privileged information.

Ms. Klein continued, “Yesterday I learned that there is now an appointment scheduled between an investigator and the chancellor for the end of the month.”

Contrary to the claims of Ms. Guzman, Ms. Klein stated that Ms. Guzman “she has sent several letters on a variety of topics, and all issues have been responded to in writing or by phone.”

However, Melinda Guzman has now responded with documents showing that UC had indeed responded in writing, but not until 5:06 pm on Thursday."

UCLA To Launch Taskforce Into Campus Shooting

Thursday, June 9, 2016

"the new tier amounted to a ruinous and extravagant loophole tailored exclusively for top-earning UC faculty and administrators. "

On the Committee of two deal on UC Pension and more: UC Retirement Plan Under Threat

"“I think a large issue with that 2015 deal is that the university negotiated a permanent change in the pension system in exchange for a short-term commitment from the state,” observed Dr, Michael Meranze, a UCLA history professor who also blogs about UC faculty issues. “Whereas the state, for instance, makes annual contributions, say, to [California State University’s] pension and to other state employee pensions. … The state has never formally admitted that it benefitted from those years of non-contribution, nor [has it] formally committed to restarting its contributions on a regular basis.”
The point is more than academic, explained Celeste Langan, co-chair of the UC Berkeley Faculty Association. Part of the lure of a lower-paying public research university for scholars, who have already delayed entering the job market for as much as decade to get a PhD (along with a mountain of student loan debt), is precisely the robust retirement security offered by its pensions compared to 401(k)s at private universities.
“There used to be a pretty clear combination of scaled salary and defined benefits,” she told Capital & Main. “So that we understood that our salaries did not match other comparable private enterprise salaries, and that in return for that lower salary we got defined benefits. … And for all of the difficulties that we experienced during the Great Recession in terms of a faculty cut in pay with a furlough, etcetera, in many ways we were better off than our colleagues at universities with IRAs. The story was, ‘I’m going to roll over my IRA for another ten years of labor.’ People who had been planning to retire had their savings wiped out.”"

Also see:
Katehi Fighting Back against Allegations from UC President Napolitano

"On Wednesday, the Vanguard spoke to Ms. Guzman by phone.

“The April 27 letter (has) the allegations that supposedly supported this so-called independent and neutral investigation,” she said. “Each instance, we are contesting these allegations.”

She called the allegations, as laid out in the letter, “baseless,” calling them “issues that either already have been dealt with or were known.” She said, “The alleged whistleblower complaint was a whistleblower complaint that had existed for several years and had been dealt with not only at the campus level but by the UCOP that resulted in a November 2014 letter to the whistleblower informing him that there (was) no merit to his claim.”

“So for all this to be pasted into this letter as the basis for this paid administrative leave and then broadcast to the world in the manner in which it was – yes – we’re contesting that,” Ms. Guzman told the Vanguard.

Ms. Guzman also pointed out that, for an employee, this letter was "

Includes reference to (UC owned? Phone, computers):

"There are also issues involving access to things like Katehi’s Apple iPhone, and Ms. Guzman alleges that there are attorney-client privilege and privacy issues there. She said that she sent a letter and the general counsel has not responded in 15 days to that communication."

"Ms. Guzman called this “an assault on the academic environment, the notion of shared governance, the notion that there is now a police state at UC Davis, the notion that anyone would seize anyone’s computers in violation of their faculty rights.”"
Also mention of describing Napolitano as overly emotional, characterizing prior UC Davis leadership as under a cloud, and requests for some sort of UC Regents actions to intervene come up.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Latest on UC Davis 'on leave and maybe not chancellor' issues

"UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein disputed this Tuesday, saying, “Under no circumstances did the president issue threats related to Katehi’s family members or threats of any kind.”

The grievance alleges that Katehi urged Napolitano to explain why she was being told to resign but was given no reason, which is why Katehi refused. By the next morning, Guzman called deputy general counsel Allison Woodall in Robinson’s office to say Katehi would not be resigning, and a meeting to determine Katehi’s future with UC was agreed upon for Thursday, April 28.

Instead, Guzman wrote, Woodall called on April 27 to say Katehi was being placed on administrative leave, based on the chancellor having discussed the Napolitano meeting with UCD faculty and staff, thus calling into question Katehi’s intentions. The meeting for April 28 was canceled.

Klein pointed out that “Linda Katehi is an ‘at will’ employee who reports directly to the president in her role as UC Davis chancellor. As such, the president has followed the appropriate procedures in regard to placing Chancellor Katehi on paid leave. In fact, as an at-will employee, Chancellor Katehi has been afforded more process than would normally be the case.”
The grievance also claims disparate, discriminatory treatment, saying that other UC chancellors, all men, “received favorable treatment when transitioning from their roles” and received “soft landings.”

Men also were treated less harshly regarding paid board positions, according to Guzman’s letter, "

Friday, June 3, 2016

Katehi Blames OP, and OP Blames Katehi

Here is some op Ed update

See Sac Bee
"Suspend probe of Katehi, UC Davis chancellor’s reps demand"

"Katehi’s claims were promply rejected by UC President Janet Napolitano’s office, which said Katehi is not cooperating with its investigators.

“We are disappointed and confused by this behavior,” said Dianne Klein, spokeswoman for the UC system. “It does not advance the truth. We hope to conclude this investigation with the cooperation of the chancellor.”

“We have asked them repeatedly – 11 times – and there is no indication they are going to cooperate,” she said. “We certainly hope they do.”"


"The investigation, Guzman said, has to start over. “We welcome a fair and complete investigation, and it isn’t going to happen with this law firm.”

Klein scoffed at the claims, saying that Haag has never represented Napolitano personally and that the firm is one of more than 200 that work for the UC system. “There is no conflict of interest,” she said. “ ... We have retained Orrick on very narrow issues dealing with bonds. Never on investigatory matters.”"

Davis Vanguard list this link to watch video of the press conference:

You can watch the video here:

Katehi’s team wants investigation ‘scrapped’
"Janet Napolitano has made herself a witness to these proceedings. She has claimed and she has asserted that Linda Katehi lied to her. That means she is a witness.”

By extension, Guzman continued, “That means that her lawyers, the lawyers of the University of California system, and her own personal lawyer … should not serve, and cannot serve, as an evaluator of her credibility and of these facts.”"

Suspended UC Davis Chancellor's Attorney Reacts To Allegations

"Katehi's attorney Melinda Guzman produced documents Friday that show Katehi broke only one rule as chancellor -- taking a position on the for-profit Devry University board. But, Guzman says President Janet Napolitano's office knew about Katehi's intention to join the board a month before it was official."
See other coverage

"Ms. Guzman has expressed particular concern about conflicts of interest arising from Ms. Haag’s financial interest in a law firm, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, that handles a large volume of UC business, Ms. Haag’s past representation of Ms. Napolitano and the fact that Ms. Napolitano is a witness to the incidents she is now investigating,” Kamer said. “Ms. Guzman has made clear that, given the existing intertwined relationship between Orrick, Haag and Napolitano, this investigation is neither independent nor neutral.”"

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Davis's Disturbing Delays

A don't miss must read : When Uiversities Try To Behave Like Businesses, Education Suffers

"For most of the post-World War II period, it was well understood that universities, whether public or private, operated under a model distinct from business. That began to shift in the 1980s and 1990s as American culture became fixated on the virtues of private enterprise, says Christopher Newfield, a literature professor at UC Santa Barbara and a leading critic of the corporatization of academia.

“Until then, the private sector wasn’t the model for the public sector,” Newfield told me. “But the prestige of the private sector now requires imitation by the public sector. It’s almost as if we’re intimidated.”Adding to the pressure is a “massive defunding of public higher education” by state governments, says Hank Reichman, an emeritus professor of history at Cal State East Bay who writes frequently for the blog of the American Association of University Professors. In California, per student spending from the state’s general fund has fallen since 1980 by 43% at the California State University system and 54.7% at UC"


"What’s really at stake in the corporatization of academia is the traditional role the university as a repository of culture and training ground for open inquiry. “The obvious risk,” says Michael Meranze, a professor of history at UCLA who shares a blog on academic issues with Newfield, “is that academic research gets done to advance the interests of outside corporations, rather than guided by the logic of the university’s mission.”"


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Sac Bee "UC Davis delays release of public records regarding beleaguered chancellor

UC Davis extends date for release of documents from June 1 to July 20

Documents requested in early March still not produced

Easily accessible contracts among documents being sought"

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"Among them:

▪ A March 2 request for the chancellor’s travel records.

▪ A March 25 request for documents related to contracts UC Davis signed with a company seeking to conduct research projects with the university.

▪ A May 5 request for travel records involving the university’s communications staff.

Other records also have not been disclosed, including some that on the surface might seem readily accessible. A May 2 request for documents related to the hiring of a crisis communications firm still has not been provided, and UC Davis also has not released various emails and other records The Bee sought following Katehi’s suspension.

The fact that an investigation is underway cannot be used as an excuse not to produce documents that existed before the probe began, records experts say.

“There’s nothing in the act that permits them to withhold a record whose existence predates the start of any investigation,” Scheer said. “They have to turn those over. They can’t convert things to privileged documents simply because they become part of the investigation.”"

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And OP isn't providing answers either:
"Dianne Klein, spokeswoman for the UC Office of the President, did not respond to calls and emails Thursday asking about the office’s role in reviewing and approving the release of The Bee’s public record requests."

UC Tuition and UC Med interests, notions about Public Higher Ed come up...

Now CNN (part of the corp media giving lots of air to the corp candidates now unsurprisingly frontrunners- their surrogates embedded into the corp media's hours long panelist discussions for the last ten months) has this:"Clinton backs limiting foreign, out-of-state students in California colleges"

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See this interview where those items are discussed in the last few minutes:

Over and over

Daily Cal with a new sex harassment claim now added:

Includes: "confronted Hemenway afterward, believing that she had filed the complaint, and asked in the future that she direct any concern to him directly rather than the administration, according to Hemenway.

After Hemenway reassured Wentworth that she was not the person who filed the complaint, Hemenway said Wentworth told her that other members of the department were trying to get him fired and that she should not trust them. She said Wentworth then called her a “gorgeous young woman” and said she was an “obvious target” for sexual harassment, according to the lawsuit.

“Middle-­aged men with gossipy tongues should not impede your right to craft a consummating work of excellence for a stellar collegiate career,” Wentworth said to Hemenway in an email in 2014, addressing confrontations from other faculty members about sexual harassment concerns.

Hemenway said she felt compelled not to report Wentworth’s behavior because she relied on his recommendation letter as well as his connections and experience to get into various graduate programs.

“Columbia (University) became my top choice and I wanted to work with Blake’s friend at Columbia, and I felt like I needed to retain a good relationship with Blake to make that happen,” Hemenway said. “He had so much power over my career.”

Hemenway added that she felt uncomfortable around Wentworth and wanted to skip her graduation ceremony in order not to see him. She said that the last communication she had with Wentworth was in an email he sent in April asking for Hemenway’s home address.

The goal of her lawsuit, according to Hemenway, is to remove Wentworth from campus as well as to improve campus response to sexual harassment allegations.

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof declined to comment"

The Guardian got into detail here:
Honey bear’: Berkeley student details alleged sexual advances by professor
Exclusive: Nicole Hemenway describes how repeated harassment by her thesis adviser derailed her studies – and how the school system failed to protect her
"UC Berkeley spokeswoman Claire Holmes declined to comment on Hemenway’s complaint or Wentworth’s employment status, but said in an email, “The university is aware of the concerns from students and others regarding the time it takes for the faculty discipline processes to be completed. We understand and share those concerns.”

Erin Bennett, one of the grad students who filed a complaint last month, said that because Wentworth’s punishment was still pending, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to return to campus in the fall.

“I feel like I’m in limbo,” she said.

Hemenway said it’s a very real possibility that she will no longer be able to pursue south Asian studies. “I understand so well now what barriers to entry in a male-dominated field means and how difficult it is to cross those barriers. The system isn’t made for me.”"

Also there see:
Former UC Berkeley provost: sexual harassment victims deserve 'justice'
Exclusive: In his first interview since resigning as provost Claude Steele expressed ‘regrets’, saying university could improve how it works with victims

State lawmakers vote to cap nonresident enrollment at UC schools

UC should heed Assembly's message on in-state students

Op Pres and Pres of UC Regents no comments on above or UCLA events yesterday, today they are:

Climate change is on the agenda again today with Gov. Jerry Brown, Tom Steyer and Janet Napolitano expected to take the stage at the Clean Energy Ministerial in San Francisco. The event, which began Wednesday in closed door sessions, gathers government and business leaders from all over the world to focus on accelerating the global use of clean energy. B

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"The victim was a professor"

Update:These new details re: UCLA
UCLA gunman accused slain professor of stealing computer code and is suspected of killing a woman in Minnesota

A photo and more detail on the person responsible for the events at UCLA yesterday is posted at the Daily Mail:


Huffington post includes that detail here: Two Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide At UCLA

"Two men were killed in what authorities believe was a murder-suicide

The shooting occurred in a small office in an engineering building

The campus is now safe and the lockdown has been lifted

LOS ANGELES — Two men were shot and killed Wednesday at the University of California, Los Angeles, in what authorities believe was a murder-suicide.

At least three shots were fired in a small office in an engineering building, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said at a press conference. Authorities are still searching the building and recovered a gun at the scene.

“The victim was a professor, the shooter is unknown at this time,” LA City Councilman Paul Koretz told The Huffington Post. He said the motivation for the shooting remains unknown."

This is also coming up here and here

"Amid the confusion, some students and faculty members found themselves holed up in rooms without locks and doors that open outward so that they couldn’t be barricaded. Some engineering students quickly rigged a locking system, using belts, rope and furniture to keep themselves safe."

This tragedy may become an agenda item for the UC Regents September meeting currently scheduled for location as 'UCLA --in terms of looking at how best to go forward, community concerns and feedback etc on this
Very sad news today.

UK Daily mail has a montage of images from campus today here
and this claim: "Some furious students said they were asked to find computers in various locations to complete their exams"