Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Completely out to lunch cluster ----

"Compensation cut short

"Records show Fleming’s higher pay was halted in March, one month short of the year of transition leave permitted by UC’s policy.

Asked to explain the sudden end of the compensation, Mogulof said only that “the chancellor believed it was appropriate to end the transition leave at that time.”

However, also in March, Napolitano began to scrutinize a different perk that had been provided to Fleming. After he lost the vice chancellor job in spring 2015, Fleming was named by Dirks to another administrative post, at UC Berkeley’s planned Global Campus in Richmond. He was paid a $20,000 stipend and reimbursed for travel in Europe and Asia.

Napolitano didn’t like that."

Graham Fleming receives executive pay for nearly 1 year after resigning amid sexual harassment allegations


How Harvard set the model for affirmative action in college admissions

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There is this on our UC pres of uc regents:

The Purge: California Leaves Researchers (and Policymakers) in the Dark by Gutting Education Data


In Sac Bee, raises questions on what folks are told at UC Davis under Katehi - in comparison with other UC campuses:


"Representatives for Katehi and the university system also seem to have widely differing opinions about UC policy or what they perceive as the lack of it. Kamer said the university lacks a policy to guide how investigations are conducted, as well as a policy on UC’s electronic property.

Klein said there are policies for both. “If allegations are made, we have a whole department that looks at ethics, compliance and audits,” she said. “They look at the allegations to see if they merit further investigation. If they do, there are whole policies about how the investigations are conducted. It can be done here in OP or with outside investigators, which we routinely hire.”

Klein provided a copy of the “Electronic Communications Policy,” which says that the privacy of electronic communications at the university is limited by policies that require employees to comply with management requests for university records in their possession, among other things.

Katehi, who has refused to meet with investigators in the past, has scheduled a meeting at the end of the month."

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/education/article84942317.html



"Associate Chancellor Nils Gilman said Szeri has been centrally involved in ensuring that this round of financial restructuring is strategic and allocates resources to cutting-edge areas rather than simply shrinking budgets across the board. He added that Szeri’s successor will likely also be involved in the strategic planning process.

“He was one of my closest collaborators,” Gilman said. “(Szeri has an) unending work ethic and is always committed to improving the quality of the university.”

During his tenure as vice provost, Szeri oversaw the installation of major information technology systems, such as Google mail, that have dramatically improved the way campus functions, Gilman said. Szeri was also involved in improving the academic program review process and planning for the Berkeley Global Campus.

While Szeri served as dean of the Graduate Division, he oversaw the implementation of several dozen initiatives — including new revenue generation and degree programs — that fell under the umbrella of the Operational Excellence Program, a previous campus cost-cutting initiative that was announced in 2009."

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