Thursday, June 2, 2016

Davis's Disturbing Delays

A don't miss must read : When Uiversities Try To Behave Like Businesses, Education Suffers

"For most of the post-World War II period, it was well understood that universities, whether public or private, operated under a model distinct from business. That began to shift in the 1980s and 1990s as American culture became fixated on the virtues of private enterprise, says Christopher Newfield, a literature professor at UC Santa Barbara and a leading critic of the corporatization of academia.

“Until then, the private sector wasn’t the model for the public sector,” Newfield told me. “But the prestige of the private sector now requires imitation by the public sector. It’s almost as if we’re intimidated.”Adding to the pressure is a “massive defunding of public higher education” by state governments, says Hank Reichman, an emeritus professor of history at Cal State East Bay who writes frequently for the blog of the American Association of University Professors. In California, per student spending from the state’s general fund has fallen since 1980 by 43% at the California State University system and 54.7% at UC"


"What’s really at stake in the corporatization of academia is the traditional role the university as a repository of culture and training ground for open inquiry. “The obvious risk,” says Michael Meranze, a professor of history at UCLA who shares a blog on academic issues with Newfield, “is that academic research gets done to advance the interests of outside corporations, rather than guided by the logic of the university’s mission.”"


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Sac Bee "UC Davis delays release of public records regarding beleaguered chancellor

UC Davis extends date for release of documents from June 1 to July 20

Documents requested in early March still not produced

Easily accessible contracts among documents being sought"

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"Among them:

▪ A March 2 request for the chancellor’s travel records.

▪ A March 25 request for documents related to contracts UC Davis signed with a company seeking to conduct research projects with the university.

▪ A May 5 request for travel records involving the university’s communications staff.

Other records also have not been disclosed, including some that on the surface might seem readily accessible. A May 2 request for documents related to the hiring of a crisis communications firm still has not been provided, and UC Davis also has not released various emails and other records The Bee sought following Katehi’s suspension.

The fact that an investigation is underway cannot be used as an excuse not to produce documents that existed before the probe began, records experts say.

“There’s nothing in the act that permits them to withhold a record whose existence predates the start of any investigation,” Scheer said. “They have to turn those over. They can’t convert things to privileged documents simply because they become part of the investigation.”"

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And OP isn't providing answers either:
"Dianne Klein, spokeswoman for the UC Office of the President, did not respond to calls and emails Thursday asking about the office’s role in reviewing and approving the release of The Bee’s public record requests."

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