Friday, June 3, 2016

Katehi Blames OP, and OP Blames Katehi

Here is some op Ed update

See Sac Bee
"Suspend probe of Katehi, UC Davis chancellor’s reps demand"

"Katehi’s claims were promply rejected by UC President Janet Napolitano’s office, which said Katehi is not cooperating with its investigators.

“We are disappointed and confused by this behavior,” said Dianne Klein, spokeswoman for the UC system. “It does not advance the truth. We hope to conclude this investigation with the cooperation of the chancellor.”

“We have asked them repeatedly – 11 times – and there is no indication they are going to cooperate,” she said. “We certainly hope they do.”"


"The investigation, Guzman said, has to start over. “We welcome a fair and complete investigation, and it isn’t going to happen with this law firm.”

Klein scoffed at the claims, saying that Haag has never represented Napolitano personally and that the firm is one of more than 200 that work for the UC system. “There is no conflict of interest,” she said. “ ... We have retained Orrick on very narrow issues dealing with bonds. Never on investigatory matters.”"

Davis Vanguard list this link to watch video of the press conference:

You can watch the video here:

Katehi’s team wants investigation ‘scrapped’
"Janet Napolitano has made herself a witness to these proceedings. She has claimed and she has asserted that Linda Katehi lied to her. That means she is a witness.”

By extension, Guzman continued, “That means that her lawyers, the lawyers of the University of California system, and her own personal lawyer … should not serve, and cannot serve, as an evaluator of her credibility and of these facts.”"

Suspended UC Davis Chancellor's Attorney Reacts To Allegations

"Katehi's attorney Melinda Guzman produced documents Friday that show Katehi broke only one rule as chancellor -- taking a position on the for-profit Devry University board. But, Guzman says President Janet Napolitano's office knew about Katehi's intention to join the board a month before it was official."
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"Ms. Guzman has expressed particular concern about conflicts of interest arising from Ms. Haag’s financial interest in a law firm, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, that handles a large volume of UC business, Ms. Haag’s past representation of Ms. Napolitano and the fact that Ms. Napolitano is a witness to the incidents she is now investigating,” Kamer said. “Ms. Guzman has made clear that, given the existing intertwined relationship between Orrick, Haag and Napolitano, this investigation is neither independent nor neutral.”"

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