Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Katehi compared with De La Pena, and more...

UC spent $158,000 on campaign to counter critical state audit


"Though she initially confirmed, in a phone call and follow-up emails, the scope of the campaign, Klein said in a subsequent conversation that only the rebuttal report was a direct response to the audit. She said the digital and radio buys were already planned, would have happened regardless of the audit, and their messages about UC enrollment merely aligned with the focus of the rebuttal report.

Documents obtained by The Bee, however, include two analyses of the online advertising effort that refer to it as the “UC Audit Campaign.” The subject of a group email between agency representatives and UC marketing and public affairs staff members outlining the digital buy is “SDK (sic) timeline re: audit messaging.”

The campaign centered around two weeks of online advertising following the release of audit, initially focused on the Sacramento area."


How race-based affirmative action could return to UC

http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-amar-kennedy-fisher-v-university-of-texas-20160624-snap-story.html by Vikram Amar is dean and a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law. He is the former dean of academic affairs at the UC Davis Law School.

Mentioned earlier, now see this article on it:

In Contrast to Katehi Letter, Regent De La Pena’s Investigation Kept Secret For Over a Year

..."But at issue here is the UC President’s handling of the matter involving Regent De La Pena versus the handling of Chancellor Katehi’s matter.

When the Vanguard asked UC Spokesperson Dianne Klein about that letter, she stated that its release “did not violate personnel confidentiality policies.”

She also suggested this was a routine release writing, “As a general matter, when media request University documents that could affect the privacy rights of individuals, California law requires us to balance the public’s interest in the disclosure of records relating to public business against an individual’s interest in non-disclosure.”

“One factor that influences this balance is the nature of an individual’s position. The higher the level of one’s position, the greater likelihood that the balance tips in favor of the public interest in disclosure,” she explained.

She added, “In light of the many weeks of media attention arising from Chancellor Katehi’s leadership, UCOP determined that, in this case, the balance favored disclosure when the letter was requested.”

However, the handling of "...

Jerry Brown signs $167 billion California budget, makes no cuts

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