Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Latest on UC Davis 'on leave and maybe not chancellor' issues

"UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein disputed this Tuesday, saying, “Under no circumstances did the president issue threats related to Katehi’s family members or threats of any kind.”

The grievance alleges that Katehi urged Napolitano to explain why she was being told to resign but was given no reason, which is why Katehi refused. By the next morning, Guzman called deputy general counsel Allison Woodall in Robinson’s office to say Katehi would not be resigning, and a meeting to determine Katehi’s future with UC was agreed upon for Thursday, April 28.

Instead, Guzman wrote, Woodall called on April 27 to say Katehi was being placed on administrative leave, based on the chancellor having discussed the Napolitano meeting with UCD faculty and staff, thus calling into question Katehi’s intentions. The meeting for April 28 was canceled.

Klein pointed out that “Linda Katehi is an ‘at will’ employee who reports directly to the president in her role as UC Davis chancellor. As such, the president has followed the appropriate procedures in regard to placing Chancellor Katehi on paid leave. In fact, as an at-will employee, Chancellor Katehi has been afforded more process than would normally be the case.”
The grievance also claims disparate, discriminatory treatment, saying that other UC chancellors, all men, “received favorable treatment when transitioning from their roles” and received “soft landings.”

Men also were treated less harshly regarding paid board positions, according to Guzman’s letter, "

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