Thursday, June 2, 2016

Over and over

Daily Cal with a new sex harassment claim now added:

Includes: "confronted Hemenway afterward, believing that she had filed the complaint, and asked in the future that she direct any concern to him directly rather than the administration, according to Hemenway.

After Hemenway reassured Wentworth that she was not the person who filed the complaint, Hemenway said Wentworth told her that other members of the department were trying to get him fired and that she should not trust them. She said Wentworth then called her a “gorgeous young woman” and said she was an “obvious target” for sexual harassment, according to the lawsuit.

“Middle-­aged men with gossipy tongues should not impede your right to craft a consummating work of excellence for a stellar collegiate career,” Wentworth said to Hemenway in an email in 2014, addressing confrontations from other faculty members about sexual harassment concerns.

Hemenway said she felt compelled not to report Wentworth’s behavior because she relied on his recommendation letter as well as his connections and experience to get into various graduate programs.

“Columbia (University) became my top choice and I wanted to work with Blake’s friend at Columbia, and I felt like I needed to retain a good relationship with Blake to make that happen,” Hemenway said. “He had so much power over my career.”

Hemenway added that she felt uncomfortable around Wentworth and wanted to skip her graduation ceremony in order not to see him. She said that the last communication she had with Wentworth was in an email he sent in April asking for Hemenway’s home address.

The goal of her lawsuit, according to Hemenway, is to remove Wentworth from campus as well as to improve campus response to sexual harassment allegations.

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof declined to comment"

The Guardian got into detail here:
Honey bear’: Berkeley student details alleged sexual advances by professor
Exclusive: Nicole Hemenway describes how repeated harassment by her thesis adviser derailed her studies – and how the school system failed to protect her
"UC Berkeley spokeswoman Claire Holmes declined to comment on Hemenway’s complaint or Wentworth’s employment status, but said in an email, “The university is aware of the concerns from students and others regarding the time it takes for the faculty discipline processes to be completed. We understand and share those concerns.”

Erin Bennett, one of the grad students who filed a complaint last month, said that because Wentworth’s punishment was still pending, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to return to campus in the fall.

“I feel like I’m in limbo,” she said.

Hemenway said it’s a very real possibility that she will no longer be able to pursue south Asian studies. “I understand so well now what barriers to entry in a male-dominated field means and how difficult it is to cross those barriers. The system isn’t made for me.”"

Also there see:
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State lawmakers vote to cap nonresident enrollment at UC schools

UC should heed Assembly's message on in-state students

Op Pres and Pres of UC Regents no comments on above or UCLA events yesterday, today they are:

Climate change is on the agenda again today with Gov. Jerry Brown, Tom Steyer and Janet Napolitano expected to take the stage at the Clean Energy Ministerial in San Francisco. The event, which began Wednesday in closed door sessions, gathers government and business leaders from all over the world to focus on accelerating the global use of clean energy. B

Read more here:

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