Friday, June 10, 2016

Put a lid on it...

A University of California, for California

Of course the biggest player in budget negotiations is Governor Jerry Brown. McCarty says he has spoken to Brown and that the governor supports the concept of rolling back the number out-of-state students who are accepted to UC. “The devil is in the details of how we are going to do it, but the governor told me he supports some type of cap on this policy, that it’s gotten out of hand. He used the word lid.”
Last week McCarty’s bill got an unexpected boost from democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, as she sought votes to put her over the top in California’s primary.
The race to be be the Democratic nominee has been infused with lofty rhetoric about addressing the high cost of college. During his stump speeches, Bernie Sanders’ lines about making public higher education free have been met with rousing applause. While not veering that far left, Hillary Clinton has also called for reducing the cost of university and making community college free.
During a meet and greet between Clinton and community leaders at a Mexican restaurant in Perris, California, McCarty’s bill came up. “I have to say, I approve of that,” Clinton said, adding “we have got to get back to using public colleges and university for that they were intended. If it is in California, for the children in California. If it is in New York, for the children in New York.”
At a rally at a community college in Sacramento on Monday, McCarty met with Clinton before helping introduce her on stage. ”I told her thank you for standing up for my legislation, which says the focus should be UC for Californians. And she said ‘absolutely, but we need to fund them too.’”

The Latest: Panel advances California budget compromise
on June 9, 2016

9 p.m

"A California budget compromise between Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders would increase funding for University of California, but to get all the money, the schools would have to cap out-of-state enrollment.

A key legislative budget panel approved the funding on Thursday evening, setting up votes in the full Assembly and Senate.

The budget compromise increases UC funding by $144 million. But $19 million of that would only be available if UC schools enroll at least 2,500 more California residents and the UC Board of Regents adopts a policy capping enrollment by out-of-state students.

In March, the state auditor issued a scathing report saying the UC has undermined students by admitting a growing number of nonresident students.

California State University campuses would also get a funding increase under the compromise."
"UC Responds to Allegations From Katehi’s Attorney"

"Dianne Klein responded, “What I said previously is correct. We are disappointed that Chancellor Katehi and her counsel have repeatedly said they were unable to meet with investigators.”

She continued, “Likewise, they have not provided investigators with access to the University owned devices — cell phones and iPads — that may well contain information germane to the investigation.”

Ms. Guzman had expressed concern to the Vanguard that these devices contained privileged information.

Ms. Klein continued, “Yesterday I learned that there is now an appointment scheduled between an investigator and the chancellor for the end of the month.”

Contrary to the claims of Ms. Guzman, Ms. Klein stated that Ms. Guzman “she has sent several letters on a variety of topics, and all issues have been responded to in writing or by phone.”

However, Melinda Guzman has now responded with documents showing that UC had indeed responded in writing, but not until 5:06 pm on Thursday."

UCLA To Launch Taskforce Into Campus Shooting

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