Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reviewing Cal Football Practices, Campus Ethics and more

Update II: UC Berkeley chancellor orders new probe of football program
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UC Berkeley to investigate football team's conditioning program

Update: Faculty wants probe, asks UC Berkeley to suspend coach rehiring


See in depth article:

Critics question Cal’s probe into football coach’s actions

"That review, however, did not examine Harrington’s role in the two key incidents and contained no analysis of facts, said John Cummins, a former chief of staff to four Berkeley chancellors who oversaw Cal athletics in the mid-2000s, and Mike Smith, who served 36 years as Berkeley’s top attorney until 2009.

“An investigation into potentially serious employment misconduct would typically involve interviews of the parties and witnesses, an analysis of the evidence, findings and recommendations and be carried out by a trained impartial campus investigator,” Smith said. The review’s report “doesn’t contain any analysis or conclusions about what occurred.”

Critics also question the integrity of the investigation because the investigators — John Murray, a private strength and conditioning coach, and Jeffrey Tanji, medical director for sports at UC Davis — had personal ties with Cal staff. Murray disclosed in the report that he was a “friend and colleague” of Mike Blasquez, who oversees all of Cal’s strength and conditioning programs. And Tanji said he had trained Casey Batten, the football team physician. Both said in the report those relationships did not influence their findings.

“Obviously, there is a conflict of interest there, or at least an appearance of a conflict,” Cummins said. “The death of a football player, and a player-on-player assault that led to one player being hospitalized with a major concussion — these are very serious matters. You need an independent body or individual to look very carefully at this.”"

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