Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"The victim was a professor"

Update:These new details re: UCLA
UCLA gunman accused slain professor of stealing computer code and is suspected of killing a woman in Minnesota

A photo and more detail on the person responsible for the events at UCLA yesterday is posted at the Daily Mail:


Huffington post includes that detail here: Two Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide At UCLA

"Two men were killed in what authorities believe was a murder-suicide

The shooting occurred in a small office in an engineering building

The campus is now safe and the lockdown has been lifted

LOS ANGELES — Two men were shot and killed Wednesday at the University of California, Los Angeles, in what authorities believe was a murder-suicide.

At least three shots were fired in a small office in an engineering building, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said at a press conference. Authorities are still searching the building and recovered a gun at the scene.

“The victim was a professor, the shooter is unknown at this time,” LA City Councilman Paul Koretz told The Huffington Post. He said the motivation for the shooting remains unknown."

This is also coming up here and here

"Amid the confusion, some students and faculty members found themselves holed up in rooms without locks and doors that open outward so that they couldn’t be barricaded. Some engineering students quickly rigged a locking system, using belts, rope and furniture to keep themselves safe."

This tragedy may become an agenda item for the UC Regents September meeting currently scheduled for location as 'UCLA --in terms of looking at how best to go forward, community concerns and feedback etc on this
Very sad news today.

UK Daily mail has a montage of images from campus today here
and this claim: "Some furious students said they were asked to find computers in various locations to complete their exams"

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