Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"UC Davis pathology professor claims he is being defamed by the university after he raised conflict-of-interest issues regarding embattled Chancellor Linda Katehi and a settlement agreement into which he entered earlier this year".

(Referenced in earlier coverage from Davis Vanguard in recent post)
Davis Enterprise with some more detail on that aspect:
Departing UCD professor says university defamed him

"At a minimum, Chancellor Katehi was obligated to disclose her leadership role and involvement with Wiley & Sons when it conflicted with her duties as chancellor,” Coleman wrote in her letter.

“Nonetheless, without disclosing her conflict in this matter, she presided over and ultimately imposed highly irregular and excessive punitive actions upon Dr. Jialal, even overriding and disregarding the recommendations of the Faculty Senate in this matter.”

Jialal also is challenging the validity of the settlement agreement, which he claims he was “coerced and rushed” into signing. "

It seems some faculty would like this resolved quietly, quiet mediation, rather than public discussion of UC processes now occurring,
But the Katehi matters now involve questions around use of student fees and more , so handling it quietly seems no longer possible.

There is also this from OP

"Well we have a system of over 200,000 employees. She relies on the chancellors to run their own campuses. It was not communicated to her," said UC spokesperson Dianne Klein.

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