Sunday, June 26, 2016

UC Regents Model of Governance, committee structure and assignments could change significantly by September

UC Regents Governance committee decided to use a service to stream their meeting, that service required anyone who wanted to listen to or see that uc regent meeting in real time to register for that non UC service first. Now the regents have posted an archive audio only clip of their meeting, it is listed as a "video" link in their archive for June 22.

the first twenty minutes is publuc comment by a group organized to complain about UC policy on vaccinations.

then the board begins their open deliberations on a new governance structure that could be adopted as soon as the upcoming July UC Regents full board meeting along with a July set of Regent actions on Committee assignments and the new governance model would be in full implementation effective at the regents September meeting a few months later this year.

Curiously, at 37:30 minute mark of the audio clip in the above link the person in this next archive story came up as part of their discussions over whether or not it is wise to have regents with powers to place agenda items on the regents agenda:

The UC Regents committee on health services model of governance came up repeatedly

regent Reiss asks about power of commiittee over board and vice versa questions and sounds surprised by the answers she receives at around the 70:00 mark which seems to indicate some regents don't fully understand these governance actions being proposed.

The topic of misconduct of uc regents procedures and changes to that policy also come up in their non quorom non action discussion

The chancellors proposed amendments are discussed

A report on feedback from the academic Senate is also made-and characterized by staff at OP

There are no captions to identify speakers as one listens to the proceedings among uc regents, or slides to follow along with , no illustrations of proposed changes no draft version of an organizational chart or schedule or a mock up flow of annual actions of what such a calendar would look like of the proposed new governance model and how it might proceed-- that is not provided by those moving this agenda item forward...


The above raises questions similar to the periscope
vs cspan

vs house cameras
questions that came up recently


trying to digest Brexit and why, maybe a good thing to go back and review Oliver Bullough on CNN regarding higher education hints and more

Not a Brexit,

Back in October

and It could go on and on..

Neptune and Clouds...
"Dark vortices were first discovered in high-resolution images of Neptune from Voyager 2 in 1989. These vortices were trailed by companion clouds, thought to result when the flow of ambient air is perturbed and diverted upward over the vortex"

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