Thursday, July 21, 2016

“I can’t say UC today is able to offer the same quality of education” as in the past, Hare said.
UC chancellors get raises -- some for second straight year

"University of California regents on Thursday gave raises to most of the system's campus chancellors -- and four, including UC Berkeley's leader, received their second pay bump since last July.

After back-to-back increases of 3 percent, the base pay for UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks grew to $531,939, up more than $30,000 from what it was in June 2015.

Other chancellors to receive a bump for the second consecutive year are UC San Francisco's Sam Hawgood (new base salary: $795,675), UCLA's Gene Block ($454,574) and UC San Diego's Pradeep Khosla ($449,204).

The raises were discussed in a Wednesday closed-session meeting and posted online before Thursday's meeting. The board approved the increases in open session without discussion."

UC Regents take steps to streamline board operations, dig more deeply into crucial issues

"Daniel Hare, the outgoing chair of the UC Academic Senate, told regents that a dramatic decrease in state support in the last few decades had nearly doubled the student-faculty ratio at his UC Riverside campus  to 29 to 1 from 14 to 1 in the 1980s. The larger classes have compelled many faculty members to switch to machine-scored multiple choice exams over essays and reduced opportunities to get to know students well enough to write meaningful letters of recommendation for them. “I can’t say UC today is able to offer the same quality of education”  as in the past, Hare said. "


Tighten rules for moonlighting UC officials

"The other concern is that board positions may directly conflict with the interests of the public. ""Also, the rules must apply to all senior managers, not just those hired in the future."


This write up on a new podcast,


UC regents approve new limits on moonlighting by administrators

University of California regents limit top administrators to 2 outside paid jobs

Administrators also must show outside positions don’t pose ‘reputational risk’

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi faced criticism for two outside corporate posts

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UC regents toughen moonlighting rules for top executives

"The revised conflict-of-interest rules apply only to executives who request permission to do outside work from now on. About 50 of UC’s 165 senior executives already have such gigs and are exempt from the new rules.
Twelve moonlight with for-profit companies, including UCSF Medical Center’s chief executive, Mark Laret. He sits on the boards of two businesses that together have sold millions of dollars worth of products to his hospital and have paid him more than $5 million in cash and stock awards."
"UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein said there will be no public hearings. Instead, executives’ bosses will make the decisions in private and issue a public report to the regents, she said."

THE Has:

"Meanwhile, funding for public universities in California fell by 27 per cent between 2008 and 2012, and still hasn’t recovered to pre-crisis levels. One of the institutions that has been hit hardest is the University of California, Berkeley, whose chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, said in a memo to staff earlier this year that the institution faces “a substantial and growing structural deficit”, leading some to question whether it can remain a leading research institution.

But Hennessy denies that Stanford is rubbing its hands at its public neighbour’s travails. “Any small advantage that might be gained that way would be overwhelmed by [the] disadvantage of seeing an incredible school like Berkeley be diminished,” he says. “The system that’s been created in Silicon Valley is much bigger in terms of its needs for talent than Stanford could ever provide solely.”"


Opinion piece from Katehi team:
"Guest Commentary: The Bee Tells Us, In Its Own Words, That It Doesn’t Want to Hear the Truth"

In case you missed it:

Today's UC Regents Meeting can be viewed here:



With reputation in mind, UC toughens rules on moonlighting by top managers includes:
"Only Regent Richard Blum voted against the proposal, without comment. "

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