Friday, July 29, 2016

Laying the groundwork?

California Colleges Required To Do More To Address Sex Harassment Allegations Under New Law

"This is an issue that we’ve become more and more aware of, and understanding that one in four college students today say they have had some form of sexual harassment while at school is very troubling,” Bonilla told KCBS.
Bonilla said too many women are still being subjected to inappropriate sexual conduct on campuses in California.
“The bill basically requires that schools put on the website all of their policies; that at new student orientation, they tell students about their policies very clearly,” Bonilla said.
She says the website must also include a timeline for when the student can expect a response from the college or university."
"Williams said he has attempted to collect information about the highest-paid public employees in the past but has struggled to obtain the salaries of coaches at public universities as well as other higher-education administrators.

"In almost every state, the governor has no direct control over higher ed. Higher ed reports to someone else or the higher-education coordinating board. And it's difficult to get those people involved," Williams said"

On Katehi - The next round coming up, so:

And this other article as well:
The Slow-Motion Downfall of Linda Katehi
With her job on the line and Janet Napolitano on the case, the U. of California at Davis’s chancellor can’t resist a fight

Cal research in this review of what happened at Lehman Bros:

on the 'we don't need blue collar white male voters' and 'majority of college ed suburban women will' hunches

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”


and on the 'parts of the CA delegation were unruly' in Philly:

What Jerry Brown Won't Tell The DNC About California


Does Blink-182 know something Gov. Brown doesn’t?
reminded of this strange exchange:
SCHULTZ: And having the first Jewish president, which Bernie Sanders would
be, would be amazing. I mean, we have…

MATTHEWS: Is he Jewish? (INAUDIBLE) but background, yes.

SCHULTZ: No, not just by background.


SCHULTZ: Bernie Sanders absolutely identifies as Jewish. He caucused with
us in…

MATTHEWS: Oh, I didn`t know. I thought he was very…


MATTHEWS: … agnostic or whatever.

SCHULTZ: He may be, but among the Jewish members when I served with him in
the House, he certainly participated in our group of Jewish members
Check it out:

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