Saturday, July 30, 2016

More on the moonlighting , conflict of commitment, conflict of interest etc

"University of California OKs $8.5 Million For Two Patients Suing Over Financial Conflicts"

(More like $20 million added up on just this one alone, if you include the related WB case

Includes mention of UC and USC faculty shuffling again recall some UC Regents have ties to both)

In depth article Includes:

"Lawyers for the UC regents said in court filings that both Lew and Weiss signed consent forms explaining their surgeries and the risks involved. The UCLA Health system also said in a statement that it “takes seriously its duty to manage relationships with industry in a responsible manner.”

The two settlements follow a $10 million payout in 2014 by the university system to one of Wang’s former bosses, Dr. Robert Pedowitz, former chairman of UCLA’s orthopedic surgery department.

Before that whistleblower retaliation case was settled, Pedowitz testified that he had told university administrators that Wang and some of his fellow surgeons were putting patient care at risk by accepting so much corporate money. He alleged that UCLA looked the other way because it stood to benefit financially from the doctors’ activities.

UCLA denied Pedowitz’s allegations, and officials said they found no wrongdoing by faculty and no evidence that patient care was jeopardized. But the UC system paid him anyway, saying it wanted to avoid the “substantial expense and inconvenience” of further litigation."

And it also includes:

And in LA Times:

Revisit the UC Regent discussion at 01:46:00 timemark here:

Did you find some of the UC regents' 'only two cases' assertions a bit disingenuous?

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