Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reactions at UCLA and Cal on...


And a statement here


And on Dirks, see DailyCal's new article:
"While the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the trip was paid for by the Cal Alumni Association, the association declined to confirm this when contacted by The Daily Californian."

Another new article on it here with more new detail:

Includes a link to the UCOP letter to Dirks
Includes several faculty comments including:
The broader issue -- beyond whether there was a clear policy and if Dirks knowingly violated it -- is how an elite campus such as UC Berkeley can attract top talent with diminished resources and lower pay than comparable private institutions such as Stanford and Harvard, said John Ellwood, a retired UC Berkeley public policy professor.

"The fundamental question," Ellwood said, "is how important is it to have these perks to attract people?"

Katehi Team’s Asking Why Berkeley Chancellor Is Being Treated Differently

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