Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Reviews of Dirks' Actions, Spending at Cal, more

One more thing BBC with this latest on another Dirks project Online 'university of anywhere' opens to refugees
"The aim is to make the university self-sustaining, but it's supported by some big donors, including the Gates Foundation, Hewlett Packard and Google.
And at the university's academic top table are people such as Sir Colin Lucas, former vice-chancellor of Oxford University; Nicholas Dirks, chancellor of University of California, Berkeley and John Sexton, former president of New York University."

"UC Berkeley chancellor under investigation for alleged misuse of public funds, personal use of campus athletic trainer"


"The allegations of improper travel involved a trip to India in January by Wicks and Dirks’ wife, Janaki Bakhle, an associate history professor at Berkeley. Dirks did not travel with Wicks and never has, a university source said.
The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because commenting on an ongoing investigation is not allowed, said the trip was paid for by the Berkeley Alumni Assn., not public university dollars. "...


"Questions surround UC Berkeley chancellor and personal trainer
Matier & Ross"

“I was thrilled the chancellor would want to spend time in my building and learn about recreational sports, and actually see how many students we serve,” Weinberger said.

He said recreational sports compete with organized athletics for funding, and because “they have all the political clout ... this seemed a very small favor to grant to have a key administrator in our building understanding our services.”

Dirks is dealing with plenty of issues at UC Berkeley. There’s the string of sexual harassment cases, which prompted a stern warning from Napolitano that the campus do better.

Last month, we reported that UC Berkeley has spent more than $1 million sprucing up University House, the chancellor’s official residence, including $700,000 for a security fence and $90,000 for new rugs.

The house’s former manager, Alice McNeil, complained that she had been pushed out of her job after doing chores for Dirks and Bakhle and resisting the couple’s attempts to avoid reporting the value of those hours to the Internal Revenue Service.

The assertions are being reviewed by Napolitano’s office, though it wasn’t immediately clear whether a formal investigation has been opened."
Daily Bruin with:

This opinion:
University of California in denial over damage it did
"Now UC officials have released information showing a major increase in admissions offers for the fall term to state residents, in particular to African-Americans and Latinos. In a statement, Napolitano linked the changes to increased funding by the Legislature.

This is not a particularly subtle attempt to once again deflect criticism over questionable decisions that UC officials made that directly hurt nearly 4,300 young Californians. The people of this state deserve contrition from top UC officials, not denial, spin and gamesmanship."


Four in 10 UC students do not have a consistent source of high-quality, nutritious food, survey says

Almost 1 in 5 UC students goes hungry, survey finds
UC Berkeley research on:

NYTimes on UC admissions

events at UC Regents meetings covered in this oost..

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