Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trajectories, pivots

Why It’s Harder For Grad Students To Report Sexual Harassment

"Graduate students are “utterly dependent on advisers and usually a small circuit of experts in their area,” said Wendy Brown, a political scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. So “there’s a whole cascade of dangers that I think graduate students in particular consider when trying to take action here,” she added.

Brown was one of more than 1,000 academics who recently signed an open letter condemning Yale University ethicist Thomas Pogge, who was accused of sexual harassment. She said part of her motivation for signing it was frustration that too many harassers in academia are never punished while their victims may be forced to alter their whole careers."

UC Berkeley admit class includes 1,000 more Californians

Katehi investigation proceeds, compromises made

What originally had been presented as a willing donation was later portrayed by Guzman as having been forced by UCOP.

In a formal complaint that Guzman’s office sent on May 26 to Charles Robinson, UCOP’s general counsel, she wrote, “Although UC policy permits chancellors and senior managers to serve on corporate boards, Chancellor Katehi is the only individual who was forced to donate money from her service on a corporate board to the university.”

The complaint continued, “No other chancellor or other senior executive has been forced to do so except Chancellor Katehi.”


When does the 'pivot right' described as 'moderate' happen? On what issue/s?

Hillary Clinton Unveils Debt-Free College For All, Adopting Major Bernie Sanders Plank
The plan includes eliminating in-state tuition completely at public universities for families making under $125,000.

"Her shift is also reassuring to many progressives who were concerned that she may moderate in the general election as she tries to win over independent or Republican-leaning voters who may be turned off by Republican Donald Trump. Sanders is technically still in the race and has not yet endorsed Clinton, although he said he will support her."

Before, she sounded a lot like this:

College admissions favor the rich. Let’s turn it around before taxpayer-funded tuition relief becomes another handout for the wealthy

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