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Corporate Universities are Shocked to Learn They have Graduate Student Employees


Also there a link to: More on the Hypocrisy of the University of Chicago Administration
Listen to the Regents Health Committee Meeting of August 11, 2016
"At this meeting, the highlight was discussion of whether the various UC medical centers should be operated independently or as a "system." Exactly, what operating as a system was not clear, but it seems to involve having particular centers specialize in particular procedures. It was not clear what such a system would mean in practice: Would patients be shipped from one center to another? Is that practical? Even the distance between say, UCLA and Irvine, is not negligible. There was also concern that faculty in the centers were not being consulted. Before this idea goes further, the Academic Senates at the various campuses involved may want to inject themselves into the discussion - invited or not."


And lots of various other recent items on UC:

Just in case anyone forgot, or...:

"What You Need to Know About the Past 7 Days
"Exeunt Chancellors
Have you been thinking lately that your reputation could be shinier than it is? That you’d like speaking engagements with fewer Rotarians and more pizzazz? Have you been wondering about bringing on a hired-gun PR firm? Well, don’t — not if you’re a college president and you want to remain one.

That appears to be one lesson from the University of California system, which in August saw two chancellors resign in quick succession.

The first resignation — that of Linda P.B. Katehi, chancellor at the Davis campus since 2009 — ended a prolonged controversy that began after campus police officers used pepper spray on students during a 2011 protest. The controversy was fueled partly by the university’s having hired public-relations firms to spruce up its online reputation, along with Ms. Katehi’s, in the aftermath of the pepper-spray incident, and also by what an investigator suggested was Ms. Katehi’s dissembling when asked about her involvement in the PR effort. The university system’s president, Janet A. Napolitano, placed Ms. Katehi on leave in April, so her decision to return to the faculty was not entirely unexpected.

But the second resignation was a surprise — that of Nicholas B. Dirks, chancellor at Berkeley for the past three years, who will also return to teaching after his replacement is found. Mr. Dirks had faced several challenges as chancellor, among them a $150-million budget shortfall, accusations that the university had not responded forcefully enough to sexual-harassment charges against professors, and complaints about a $700,000 fence built to protect the chancellor’s campus residence. The day after his resignation was announced, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the university had spent $200,000 on consultants to promote Mr. Dirks as a "key thought leader" and book him for events like TED talks and the World Economic Forum in Switzerland."


Search for new UC Davis chancellor is on
"The Daily Californian referenced a letter that had been sent to representative leaders in the UC system about Cal’s chancellor search. The Enterprise requested a copy of a letter relating to UCD’s chancellor search but was told by UC Office of the President spokesman Steve Montiel, “We’re not providing that letter. I can tell you that we’re moving quickly, and in a way that ensures a robust and consultative process.”"


Nation’s First State-Funded Firearm Violence Research Center to Be Established at UC Davis


"UC Davis will take the lead in developing a comprehensive, multicampus plan for the new center, which will be submitted to the Office of the President for approval by Oct. 15. The plan will propose and prioritize initial research projects, develop a timeline for accepting applications for small grants, outline efforts to increase philanthropic support to sustain the research, and define an annual operating budget and structure for reporting activities and accomplishments."


Harry Edwards Cuts Texas Ties Over Campus Carry





This mentions some ' familiar to UC' folks:

The Big Corporate Money Behind Jerry Brown



The Great Mistake

How We Wrecked Public Universities and How We Can Fix Them


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