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Katehi Resigns as Chancellor of UC Davis

SF Chronicle: http://www.sfgate.com/education/article/Embattled-UC-Davis-Chancellor-Linda-Katehi-resigns-9132169.php

UC President Janet Napolitano said in a statement that Haag’s probe found “numerous instances where Chancellor Katehi was not candid, either with me, the press, or the public, that she exercised poor judgment and violated multiple university policies.”
UC did not immediately release the report itself.

And Sac Bee


Includes coverage and the 106 page  somewhat redacted  report

Or, as a PDF:
Independent Review of Allegations Related to Chancellor Katehi REDACTED FOR CPRA RELEASE
And their article here:

Davis Enterprise also has Katehi five page resignation letter as a PDf here:

And, LA Times


"Katehi will stay on as chancellor emeritus and a university faculty member.
Guzman said the investigation cleared Katehi of all charges."
--And includes in-depth description of past patterns, practices on other cases settled in higher ed:
"As the drama dragged on, Katehi’s faculty supporters began to resign themselves to her departure. While they remain concerned about Katehi’s due process, her faculty rights and what they viewed as Napolitano’s failure to consult adequately with the Academic Senate, many expressed a desire to move forward. 
“The majority are in support [of Katehi] but they don’t think she can stay because of the chemistry. She doesn’t have a good working relationship with the president,” said Linda Bisson, an enology professor who headed the faculty search subcommittee that recommended Katehi in 2009.  “There’s too much bad blood between them.”
The public battle has dismayed some UC regents. John Perez, the former Assembly speaker, said Napolitano’s office has failed to keep the regents informed about the case.
He said he was upset that Katehi’s grievance letter to UC General Counsel Charles Robinson, for instance, was not shared with all regents as her attorney had requested. Perez also said he was concerned that a personnel matter was discussed so publicly before the private investigation was completed.
Others in academia, however, hailed Napolitano for acting decisively against a chancellor who repeatedly brought negative attention to UC — especially at a time of delicate negotiations for more funding with Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature.
“Janet Napolitano is a serious administrator who sees Katehi’s actions as character flaws that harm the university and they have to stop," said William G. Tierney, an education professor and co-director of the Pullias Center for Higher Education at USC. “She is very clear about how she sees the world. The appearance of impropriety is almost as big of a problem as an actual impropriety.”
“You don't want to wake up and find out that one of your campus leaders is in the news for alleged wrongdoings,” Tierney added. “At a time when UC is really having major financial issues and the Legislature and governor are asking for reforms, this gets in the way.”"

WSJ covering it:
KCRA coverage:

CHE coverage here:
Includes this letter:

Academic Senate and Federation Members
University of California, Davis
Dear Colleagues,
I received the attached letter from Chancellor Katehi in which she resigns as the Chancellor of UC 
Davis. The Divisional Senate admires and applauds her energetic advocacy for California public 
education and UC Davis in particular. She has been an effective leader in promoting the interests of UC 
Davis in the state, nation and globally. 
Chancellor Katehi’s decision to resign as Chancellor today is understandable, given the recent interactions 
between the Chancellor and President Napolitano, including the investigation initiated by the 
President. These circumstances have had a negative effect on the Davis campus and make it impossible 
for Linda Katehi to be effective as a Chancellor.
The Davis Division is looking forward to a continuing relationship with Professor Katehi as a full-time 
faculty member. Last October she was hailed for her “visionary leadership in engineering research, 
entrepreneurship, and education, and for national advocacy of higher education as a major driver of the 
U.S. economy” by the National Academy of Engineering, when she received the Simon Ramo Founders 
Award. The Davis Division welcomes her anticipated contributions as a teacher, scholar, and member of 
the academic community.
André Knoesen
Chair, Academic Senate
Professor: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Then see this compilation of UC Communications


The following is a letter from Janet Napolitano to Faculty:
On April 25, 2016, I met privately with Linda Katehi to discuss a series of misjudgments and policy violations of such a serious nature that she should resign her position as chancellor of UC Davis.  Regrettably, Chancellor Katehi refused to resign and made public statements to campus leadership and others that she intended to remain as chancellor.  I then placed Chancellor Katehi on immediate administrative leave and authorized the hiring of an outside firm to investigate a number of concerns.
The investigation is now concluded, and it found numerous instances where Chancellor Katehi was not candid, either with me, the press, or the public, that she exercised poor judgment, and violated multiple University policies.  In these circumstances, Chancellor Katehi has now offered to resign, and I have accepted that resignation.  These past three months and the events leading up to them have been an unhappy chapter in the life of UC Davis.  I believe it is in the best interest of the campus, the Davis community, and the University of California that we move forward.
Chancellor Katehi will transition to becoming a full-time faculty member in accordance with the terms of her pre-existing contract.  We will immediately form a search committee and conduct a national search for a new chancellor to lead this extraordinary campus.  Ralph Hexter will continue in his role leading the campus during the pendency of the search.  The Office of the President will support and work with Davis’s faculty, students, staff, and community, to ensure the campus continues its impressive upward trajectory.
Katehi Press Release
Attorney Melinda Guzman informed the Vanguard that UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has resigned in the wake of a UC report that, according to Ms. Guzman, has largely exonerated her.
From press release:
CLEARED OF ALLEGATIONS OF NEPOTISM, CONFLICTS, FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT OR PERSONAL GAIN IN UC INVESTIGATION,LINDA KATEHI WILL STEP DOWN AS UC DAVIS CHANCELLOR TODAY CHANCELLOR EMERITUS WILL REMAIN ON UNIVERSITY FACULTYDAVIS, CA (August 9, 2016) – Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi will resign as Chancellor of the University of California, Davis, effective today, her attorney Melinda Guzman said today. The Chancellor’s announcement came after the release of an investigation report by outside counsel to the University of California that found no policy violations in the areas of alleged nepotism, conflicts, financial mismanagement of funds or personal gain.
UC President Janet Napolitano placed Dr. Katehi on paid administrative leave April 27, 2016.
Chancellor Katehi’s attorney, Melinda Guzman, said: “One hundred days ago, the UC placed Linda Katehi on administrative leave on issues highlighting nepotism, conflicts of interest and misuse of student fee income. The UC Davis Academic Senate cleared Chancellor Katehi of wrongdoing within days of the leave.
“After interviewing more than 55 individuals, the investigators found that she properly disclosed family relationships and therefore recused herself and did not discuss, influence or involve herself with the education or employment of her family. She was properly ‘walled off’ from these relationships,” stated Guzman.
“They found she was not involved and therefore did not violate policies regarding student fees. She had no involvement in the line item budgets involved and there were no policy violations or management concerns,” stated Guzman. “In fact, the so called whistleblower complaint had been resolved by the campus in 2014, the investigators asked the chancellor no questions regarding this issue during the investigation, and it never seemed reasonable to include this in the list of allegations,” stated Guzman.
“The report also exonerated Linda Katehi of any concerns regarding her travel expenses, and essentially exonerated her on the important issues relative to her service to the university, namely nepotism, conflicts of interest, financial management or personal gain,” stated Guzman.
“Other issues concerned her DeVry board service, an issue resolved in the past, and alleged misrepresentations to President Napolitano and the media regarding social media contracts. The report found these were never intended to benefit Linda Katehi and were not designed to ‘scrub the Internet’ as inaccurately portrayed by the media.
“The report does not reach a conclusion that Katehi was untruthful, citing only that she may have minimized her knowledge or role in the contracts.  In my opinion, there were many contracts, many goals and many people involved, leading to likely misunderstanding or miscommunication on these contracts,” Guzman stated.
“Linda Katehi and her family have been exonerated from baseless accusations of nepotism, conflicts of interest, financial management and personal gain, just as we predicted and as the UC Davis Academic Senate found within days of this leave,” Guzman stated.
“The important thing is this: this strong and accomplished woman fought for her integrity and won. Today should end any speculation about what she has been alleged or rumored to have done. She remains as a faculty member and Chancellor Emeritus, and I have no doubt she will continue her fine work to benefit the faculty, the students and the entire campus community,” said Guzman.
“Chancellor Katehi is forever grateful to the many who have supported her as Chancellor, or as a colleague, in addition to the many members of the UC Davis Academic Senate, UC Davis Foundation Board, Alumni Board and members of the Davis and greater Sacramento community. She believes in the vision of UC Davis, and looks forward to her continued service to the campus now and in the future,” stated Guzman.


Was this ever resolved or was the report created without 'em?

Katehi refuses to turn over cellphone, iPad, laptop to UC investigators

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