Monday, August 15, 2016

More reasons offered...

State lawmakers approve audit of University of California president’s office following inconsistent numbers
"The audit was prompted by unclear information about the budget and staffing at UCOP. The Assembly member’s request stated they could not determine if growth in the UCOP budget — $300 million since FY 2008 — has lead to lower administrative costs for UC campuses."


"Wednesday’s audit request stated that a 234-page UC report for FY 2017, “Budget for Current Operations,” had only used one page to describe UCOP’s budget."

Katehi last victim of pepper spray fiasco

Includes some interesting sections:
"Obviously feeling unappreciated, Katehi also is rethinking her previous public pledge to make a $200,000 contribution to a student scholarship fund. She told university investigators her decision on the donation would be determined by what she thinks of the outcome of the investigation that ultimately resulted in her shotgun resignation.
So Katehi will be paid $434,000-plus and probably keep the $200,000 she had pledged to give away. Who says getting fired has to be a financial stresser?"

"witness told investigators "Chancellor Katehi attended the presentation by Simpson Scarborough" and that he hoped the data would convince Chancellor Katehi that there was no need to hire outside communications consultants to try to scrub the internet. But the witness said Katehi was unpersuaded, giving the witness the impression that "improving (Katehi's) personal reputation was the chancellor's real objective.""

- that is a non- CA op Ed on it
Now here is a UC Davis Student Leader perspective:

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